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ShopKeeping is not working for me, Help! Trying to add products into collections

(Melissa Choroszewska) #1

I am stuck…
I have added lots of collection titles, but when I go in to shopkeeping I get the message "We’re updating your items to be ready for the new shopfronts. Check back in a minute or two and we should be ready for you."
How do I add products in to collections?
Hope someone can help!
Thank you!

(Edwina Kinch) #2

are all your items in shopkeeping? Because then you just highlight which collection you want it in. But it sounds like folksy may not be quite ready for you.

(Melissa Choroszewska) #3

Hi. Thank you for your reply.
no luck still :frowning:
Is folksy shop keeping still not ready for everyone? When is it likely to be up and going?
Thank you!

(Sian ) #4

Melissa, if you’re still having problems with this, could you please contact Support, either by using the contact form here: or by emailing