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(Plumporridge) #21

Just a heads up everyone - British Crafters are ‘sharing the love’ over on Fb today. You can leave a link to someone else’s shop or page. I have given a shout out to @FozbomProductions.

(Catherine Marsh) #22

I made my first sale this morning!! :tada: Admittedly to my partner’s mum but I’m still going to count it. Got everything packaged up and halfway to the post office then realised I forgot to print the message on the inside of the cards :scream:. Quick trip back home for a re-print, maybe a trial order with a forgiving recipient is no bad thing! :laughing:

(Jennifer Leask) #23

I’ve just started transferring over my shop from “the other place” so although I have some online sales under my belt I’m still a Folksy virgin so to speak. Here’s my latest listing!

(Sweet Pea) #24

Thank you @mountainofdots. I was a bit worried the photos were not up to standard, but I keep trying & sometimes retake photos just to see if I can do better! I will take on board your advice regarding loves & views - it makes sense.
I was going to say good luck yourself with selling, but in light of your email below, I’m now going to say CONGRATULATIONS on your first sale!!!

(Sweet Pea) #25

@plumporridge - I think you have just sprinkled magical fairy dust over my shop because the item you shared on facebook has now been SOLD!!! Thank you so much!

(FozbomProductions) #26

Thank you :slight_smile:

(CatherineDove) #27

I hope no one minds me posting here- I have had one sale but it was to a close friend so not entirely sure it counts! I do okay at craft fairs so know my pricing’s okay but am concerned i’m not getting something quite right online. Unfortunately I’ve not had much spare time to chuck into my social meedya presence this week but I am trying :neutral_face: have tried to be part of the a recent Folksy campaigns but feeling completely uninspired for the 12 days. My toddlers running me ragged is not helping :sweat_smile:

I think I’ve already stumbled across some of you on Instagram!

Here’s some examples of what I make:

(Jan Purves) #28

(Jan Purves) #29

Thank you for the top tip about British Crafters. I’ve just given you a shout out on FB! @plumporridge

(Crystal Clarke) #30

@FozbomProductions @onesweetiepea @JenStarKnits @CatherineDove @JanPurvesOriginalArt I have shared your items on Facebook and Pinterest.

You all have wonderful items, lets hope you get some sales :slight_smile:

(Crystal Clarke) #31

I am doing my happy dance as I had my first custom order yesterday! :slight_smile:

(Jan Purves) #32

Thank you so much Crystal.

(CatherineDove) #33

Thank you so much! And congratulations on your sale! :grinning:

(Jennifer Leask) #34

Woohoo! Contgratulations and thank you so much for the share! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Plumporridge) #35

Well done everyone, it’s great to see a few sales happening! xxx

(Crystal Clarke) #36

Your welcome @JenStarKnits and thank you :slight_smile:

(Crystal Clarke) #37

Your welcome @JanPurvesOriginalArt and @CatherineDove :slight_smile:

(Crystal Clarke) #38

It is great @plumporridge let’s hope it carrys on :slight_smile:

(Carole Lister) #39

Hi! Thanks for helping out struggling crafters! This piece is called ‘Great Wave’ and is the first piece I made in this style of button and bead embroidery. I love it very much and I’m sure someone out there will too.

(Carole Lister) #40

Oriental Inspirations necklace and earrings set

Red and gold crystal glass beads and multi-coloured polymer clay beads make up this gorgeous set. Fastens securely with a gold plated lobster clasp. The earwires and headpins on the earrings are also gold plated.