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(Andy Twist) #41

One of the bangles I have made recently. Can be made to order if you have a specific size or type of wood.


Andy T

(Sandra Dejana) #42

I’m quite new to Folksy and still haven’t had a sale. I sell handmade and hand painted beanie hats for men, women and kids, also daddy and me, and mummy and me matching sets.

(Faye Lamb) #43

Winter is here now, how about a lovely short, chunky and warm scarf? The button allows you to have a variable collar

(CrochetCubs) #44

Hi there, I started my folksy shop earlier this month and have yet to have a sale (and do a little happy dance). I sell handmade crochet blankets, hats and accessories for babies and toddlers.

(Jackie Barton) #45

I signed up for another year back in November '18, but still have yet to sell anything! I have to admit, it’s really hard to get enthusiastic some mornings, but I keep on adding items and advertise them on FB, twitter, Insta etc. One day…one day…


(Outofthebottlecreations) #46

(Plumporridge) #47

So, several weeks after I first saw the lovely bag by @onesweetiepea, shared it on my Fb page and it sold, it’s my birthday today and what do you think I have received in a parcel from my daughter? The very same gorgeous bag! :smiley::smiley::smiley: I can only think that my daughter saw it and bought it for me at the time, I will ask her later when she phones. I am over the moon that @onesweetiepea got a sale and I got such a lovely bag, perfect for my needs. xxx

(Sweet Pea) #48

How funny & lovely at the same time, @plumporridge! I recall she said the bag was for her mum! I am glad you like it. :grinning:
Feel free to leave some feedback on my facebook page. My sales are non-existant, though probably my own fault as I’m a bit slow mastering social media. Since your daughter had her brainwave of buying the bag for you, I’ve only sold one other & that was on… ahem… another site… (whispers fleabay :zipper_mouth_face:)
Happy birthday - I hope you had a lovely day. :clinking_glasses::birthday::cake::champagne:

EDIT: I have just seen you have already commented on my Facebook page! Many thanks, @plumporridge - you are very kind. :slight_smile:

(Faye Lamb) #49

I’m feeling hopeful that this will be my year here. I have taken the leap to be a full on member and paying £5.00 a month for the unlimited listings.

How long did it take you to get your first sales?

(Kuriology) #50

Complete newbie, so no folksy sales as yet (Well not here. Shhh, other outlets are used)

Anyone willing, who can help promote Kuriology on FaceBook would be a real bonus, as
(i) I live rural area with no mobile signal
(ii) Disabled housebound, so mobile pointless
(iii) No mobile, so can’t have Facebook: It’s FB rule thing!)

Oi, put that violin down, am not that helpless…here’s a sample of Kuriology items

(Katarzyna Niklas) #52

Gift for mother