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Show your 'Work In Progress' - WIP

, more detail and shadows added. This is is 100% gouache,

, adding more detail and blending sharp edges with a wet brush. Adding subtle blue highlights to the seaward side of the rocks and headland,

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Popping these two new saddle bags into my shop later on

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Handprinted wooden tree decorations.

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I glanced at this before reading and thought there were two giraffes in the picture!

love the hair

@westcountry…thank you so much

,and here it is, ref0188, ‘Mullion Cliff toward Mullion Island’, gouache on HP 300g smooth paper. Ultramarine blue and cobalt turquoise mainly used for the sea


This is my work in progress today. A custom order for one of my 3D shoe cards which will be presented in an exploding box. These cards take so long due to having to wait for the glue to dry at each stage.

This Sterling silver ammonite pendant is this weeks work in progress. Much more filing, sanding and polishing to do yet…