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Silver stopper beads (for European bead charm bracelet)

My lovely Hubby and I recently celebrated our silver wedding anniversary and he bought me a ‘pandora style’ charm bracelet from a lovely lady in St Ives with 2 of her beautiful handmade beads. When the beads were put onto the bracelet they added a silver stopper bead with a rubber/silicon lining, it stops the beads from falling off when I undo the bracelet, I’m looking to buy another so I can place one either side of the beads to stop them sliding round and round as much as they do ( once I’ve got a few more beads I’m sure it won’t be too bad but as I’ve only 3 at the moment they do seem to move a lot) I’ve done a Folksy search but all that came up with was lots of spacer beads or crimp beads. Do any of you jewellers or supply sellers sell these or can you recommend a supplier off Folksy who sell silver ones in small quantities (a Google search brought up lots that sell tibetian silver or only large quantities)

Diane x

Lucky you!
You mean something like they sell them singularly. To make up for the non folksy shopping link I am now going to point you in the direction of lampwork beads by jo and pixel pyro lampwork for potential additional beads (just check that they will fit your bracelet).

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I make these & They have Silicone stoppers. Any good ?
crazy hazy daisy

Hi Diane these are what I make now & Then
I use end silicone stoppers to stop the beads from roaming arouns. Are they what you mean?


Not quite, the one that came included has a silve ‘outer’ so it looks like a normal silver bead but thank you for replying x

That’s the sort of thing Sasha, it’s a bit bigger than the one I already have but don’t suppose that will matter (or I could just buy 2 :smiley: ) Thanks for the info about potential bead supppliers on Folksy, I’m hoping to add beads just on special occasions (birthdays etc.) otherwise I’ll have it filled before I know it but will go favourite their shops for future reference (my birthday is my next special day and that’s not until November)

Have you thought about contacting the original seller? I’m sure she if they were designer/makers, they would be only too delighted to supply more for you! They must have put some information in with the bracelet…

I’ve looked on her website and can’t see the stopper beads, only her lovely (and very tempting) jewellry, I might drop her an email to see if she can supply extra stopper beads or let me know where she gets hers from.

Would these be closer then?

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The Silver Lock beads open up & the silicone goes in the centre.
I use them too Diane. :slight_smile:

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The butterfles are Lock Beads with silicone rings inside.They are Silver plated with silicone insets.
Did you want Sterling silver?

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Thanks for your help I’ve managed to find some online :slight_smile: xx

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