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Folksy is great but I have yet to make a sale with the skincare products. They are selling on other sites. There are many amazing craft creations in comparison to natural skincare products. Do you think people know they’re available on folksy?
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I have bought skin care products on folksy and I have seen them promoted on folksys social media and favourites so people do know that they are available on the site. However what are you doing to make sure that people know that your products are available on folksy? The link to your shop next to your forum avatar doesn’t take me to a shop and I haven’t found anything for bean genie using the search function so haven’t been able to check if you mention folksy on your social media or use suitable tags to get your products found in the folksy search.

All I get when I click on your shop link is the folksy front page. Have you closed your account?

Hi Sasha

Thanks for getting back to me… yes I think theres something im missing! I have a facebook page email and Instagram. I changed the name to The Artisan Skin Shop yesterday and its been approved so that’s the name on folksy now… I have favourited others and read the tips but somehow its not working? Would you check out the shop and see how I make it more visible?

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No… but the name was changed yesterday from beangenie to The Artisan Skin Shop… its been approved and I can get on it with that name?

Since you changed the shop name/ URL it would be useful to update your forum profile with the right link.
First thing I noticed about your shop is you haven’t got an ‘about me’ section - I always check this when I’m buying skin care to make sure they mention that they follow the appropriate regs regarding testing. I recommend you fill that section in, there is also space for you to put your social media links so that they are clickable.
Second thing I notice is lack of choice - your body butter is only available in one scent, ditto the face balm, so if I don’t like that scent im going else where. I don’t recall seeing a description of the texture either or it’s suitability for certain skin types - since you list sunflower oil as an ingredient I’m automatically worried it’s going to be greasy and not ideal for my oily skin. (But yay you have ingredients and pack size which so many people miss off)
I haven’t had a chance to find your social medias (this is where having the clickable links on the shop front are useful) but so often people aren’t mentioning their folksy shop so potential customers don’t know where to buy from.

Now I know what your shop is called, I’ve looked at your listings. One thing that struck me on reading them is - how much of each product am I getting for my money? The only quantity listed is for the body scrub cubes - I know I get six but how much does each weigh? What size are they? Are they the size of golf balls or the size of a 5p piece? Same with the body butter and creams etc. No sizes or quantities anywhere at the moment. I’d not buy anything unless I know what I was getting, sorry.

I also agree with Sasha. You need to be specific about other things, like testing, cosmetic product certification etc, allergen information - all the necessary info that will persuade people to buy from you. I’m not sure what is required but you should know.

Your photos look good to me, but no matter how good the photos, without all that basic information, I’d skip right on past you and go to a shop who provided all the information.

I’ve bought soap a couple of times on here. Echoing what others have said, I like to know ingredients, weight, any relevant certifications, size, etc. My preferred way to shop is in person so I can touch and smell the item, so when that’s impossible I like as much info as possible - especially with something I’m putting on my skin.