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New food product right for Folksy?

I’ve launched my product this week and thought I’d try selling through folksy. Concerned this is not the right platform for my product. Any comments will be much appreciated and also recommendations for selling food (cakes specifically) online. Thanks!

Please view my shop:

One week is not long to give it. It was a couple of weeks before I made my first sale and this time of the year is very quiet.
I had a look at your Facebook page and there are no links to Folksy…you need to promote your shop or no one will find it.
You do have some Tweets on Twitter that have a link back here, but your main link in your profile is to your own website. Also, you need to interact with people on Twitter by following people and re tweeting their items, in return they will follow you and re tweet your items. There are special hours you can join on like #Crafthour and #handmadehour on there.
I hope this helps…

I have given you a tweet to try and help…

The world of online selling is overwhelming. It’s hard to know where to start. I’ll give it some more time on Folksy and link everything together as you suggested. With regards to selling food, do you think this is the right place for my product? Thanks for your help!

As long as they are homemade, it should be ok.

  1. Non handmade/homemade foodstuffs
    Only homemade food can be listed.

Yup they are. Just wondering if people come toFolksy to buy crafts rather than food. I guess I’ll find out in due course!!

Ta for your help :slight_smile:


You may want to add the ingredients too, you are directing people away from folksy by asking them to visit your website for ingredients, not sure you are permitted to have an external link on your page. Also found it difficult to tell how many cupcakes were included, it is there but a bit buried :slight_smile: great idea though

Thanks good point. I’ll add the ingredients (health and safety thing), remove web link and will mention the amount of cakes. Good advice! Much appreciated.

Just out of interest, do you think my photographs are clear and self explanatory?

I’m not sure how many people would be browsing the site for cakes so it might be worth thinking laterally about events/occasions when people might be searching for a gift that could be your cakes and then make sure you have the right tags for those eg ‘house warming gift’ then you’ll be found in searches. Then it comes down to promotion to build up a web presence so that if people are googling for mail order cakes your shop is top of the page of results.

I’ll rethink my tags. Good shout. Thanks once again!

Hi Anna! I think the photographs are looking good (I especially like the purple and the lemon cup varieties - to me the main photo for these are really very good). Some people are very visual so perhaps have one of the five photos showing how the cakes will arrive (ie just cakes in cases with the icing, piping bag and decoration alongside) that way there’ll be no confusion as to what the customer will expect. Also, I had a quick read of the purple cup variety and it reads “Our Chocolate range contains 6 purple polkadot sponge cakes” - this may sound silly but some customers may actually think the sponge cakes will be dolkadot (like the cases), especially as you can’t really see the sponge part of the cake in the photos. Sorry if that sounds over-the-top, but trust me, there’ll be someone who gets the wrong end of the stick out there! As Maxine mentioned, certainly include ingredients in the description.

Good luck with your shop :slight_smile: Elaine

Hi Elaine

Thank your for your feedback.
Indeed, purple polkadot cakes will be very difficult to make! haha It was a copy paste thing gone wrong :blush:
I’m going to have another photoshoot tomorrow to include the kit in a flat shot so hopefully I can add them on over the weekend. Ditto with the ingredients.

Your comments are very much appreciated,

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Lovely shop, I also think a photo of the kit as it arrives, but I think it’s a great idea :slight_smile:

Thank you :relaxed: