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Small business insurance for costume jewellery

(Abigail Mullings Jewellery) #1

Liability insurance for costume jewellery
I am wondering which insurance provider is best thanks

(Sue) #2

This is something I’m interested in as well, so I’ll join you here if you don’t mind :slight_smile:

(Abigail Mullings Jewellery) #3

Hi that’s fine, I have phoned a few companies and they don’t seem to have a catagory for jewellery!

(Claire Davis) #4

I’ve just taken out a craftinsure policy with G M Imber, they seemed very good and it covers you for liability at fairs and shows as well as online selling. It’s not a specific jewellery insurance policy but covers for that as well as other craft items. I paid £55 for the year.

Public liability
(Abigail Mullings Jewellery) #5

Thank you so much for the information Claire very much appreciated, I will alphabet a look,
Abigail :smiley:

(Sue) #6

@TheDragonflyLane Thanks Claire :slight_smile: