Folksy Ltd


(René Trewern) #1

OK… I’m part of the listing clubs… and we get that what we did with ‘loving’ each others items became unfair and we are now happy with seeing glimpses of our products fairly displayed only when someone likes it.
In fact I’m over the moon with the new front page as I’ve had more exposure than ever before and I now feel like i’m part of the Folksy movement taking over the hand made world :smile:
So in fairness to ALL , can we not have the featured shop on the smorgasboard as well? I understand we can’t show the least fav items (but that would be grand) because not everyone takes pictures worthy of the front page, but there must be some other way. Please don’t see this as greedy… we love what you’ve done… well I do, LOL. I just think we could tweak it just a tad more.

(Roz) #2

Totally agree. Get pretty bored seeing the same items from the same featured shop over and over again for a week. I love to see lots of variety and have no real objection to the fact that the vast majority of the FP is hand picked by the Folksy team, (it is nice to get the odd glimpse of the non hand picked shops too), but I do agree having 2 slots showing items that are also shown in the featured shop is a bit OTT!

(Lynn Britton) #3

Yes I agree that having the featured shop on the smorgasboard as well is just a wee bit OTT.

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #4

I gave up looming at the front page when all the most favourited items were from the people clubbing together to like each others items, not giving anyone else a chance apart from the favoured few. So if the featured shop now hogs one of those spots as well then I even more can’t be bothered to look at it.

(Jo Sara) #5

Have you noticed the smorgasbords are now in each section too. So if you click on any of the main headers in the front page menu like Homeware, or Jewellery you’ll see what’s been recently sold / favourited in each section. Just noticed it :smile:


(René Trewern) #6

Nope I didn’t! That’s Super!