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(HeidiMeier) #1

I was speaking to someone the other day who told me she had stopped using Facebook completely. And then a couple of other people mentioned they were thinking the same. Do you think it would change the focus of your business if you came off Facebook?? I know of one textile artist whose work is amazing and she sells a lot, wins awards etc, but she has no social media presence. If I didn’t use social media, I wonder how much time that would free up - not just the posts I make but the catching up with everyone else too! Feeling a bit tempted to quit - anyone else had the same thoughts?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Minerva) #2

I had a FB page but I closed it after 2 years. This method of promoting and selling was not working for me. The worst thing was how tiring it was for my wrists and at some point, I had to stop everything and put my shop on holiday mode to give them a good rest. I can’t have that. I need my hands rested to hand knit and work for my customers.

Closing my page freed up a lot of my time and energy to work on my listings and other things. It was sad for me to see that I have neglected them a bit. I did a lot of work online that improved my listings, spent a lot of time taking new and much better photos, learned new things and created new products.

I have read a few times that even large companies are closing down SM accounts as they find that customers leave their website, get distracted and don’t come back. They are definitely useful sites for business, but you have to check in an honest and realistic way if you are getting what you need out of them.

(Sasha Garrett) #3

I think a lot of people have been put off facebook because of the effect the most recent algorithm changes have had and because of the whole Cambridge Analytica scandal. How much data has it got on us and what is it doing with it? Will we ever know or get a straight answer out of them - I doubt it some how. On a personal level I have a few friends who don’t seem able to respond to emails but live their life on social media so if I didn’t spend a certain amount of time on FB I would loose contact with them which I don’t want to do and whilst I’m there I skim through a few other things (like the folksy group and british crafters). As I’m only skimming with those I only spend time responding to the stuff that really catches my attention, I only offer advice or get draw into discussions if I have nothing else I should be doing.
I have separate business page on facebook (I don’t do twitter or instagram I’m just not that social) I only post once or twice a week which limits the amount of time it takes up, I know that I get sales and enquiries from this so I will stick with it because for the amount of time I put in is worth what I get out.
If you feel that you are spending too much time and effort on social media then have a look at your stats and see which one generates the least traffic and kill it off - you can direct your followers to one of your other feeds in your last post so if they are really interested they can switch over.

(Johanna Makinen) #4

I don’t have FB anymore either, business or personal. I got fed up with its constant ‘pay money to boost this post’ notifications & on the odd occasion I did that, I never saw any decent results (than again I’m not a very patient person). I just have Instagram now there’s a nice little community of makers there, I find it quick to post on there and my page looks tidier and prettier than the old FB one. Besides which, Instagram is free to post on. The drawback is that I spend waaaaaayyy too long looking at other makers’ photos on there…

(Dosrodgerspottery) #5

We have a FB page for the business but we don’t use it too much. We have good friends on FB and I don’t want to be in their face with our business posts.
We do post details of the events we trade at and display a link to our Folksy shop. We’ve never paid to boost a post as quite frankly it doesn’t seem to us that many folks take too much notice of our business posts. The only likes we get are from fellow traders .
We do however notice that some customers come looking for us at a certain event and they do say that they got the info via our FB page so that side of things does seem to work for us.

Dave and Dos

(Rhiannon Rose) #6

Wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference to me: I never mastered Facebook and think it’s a complete waste of time!

(Sasha Garrett) #7

The outcome of this court case may further affect the effectiveness of facebook as a promotional platform for businesses. It boils down to the fact that at the moment FB is reactive to issues with (paid for) adverts that fail to meet standards (ie they have to be complained about before anything is done) and it may force them to become pro active and vet stuff before it gets published.

(Christine E.) #8

I only joined Facebook to keep a nosy eye on my daughters. Now they rarely post anyway, and all I get is posts from people who’s pages I’ve liked! If they post too regularly, I’m afraid I switch them off (sorry).
I have a business page, but postings rarely result in any sales. So I don’t think it would make any difference to me if I left.

(Sue) #9

I’m not sure how effective Facebook is in terms of selling my work, but I do think it has a part to play, as well as Instagram, I have never managed to get my head around Twitter. I have personal and business accounts for Facebook and Instagram, but I use them sparingly, especially Facebook ( once a week, twice at the most for my business Facebook), otherwise, your day can be swallowed up by interacting. I don’t have much presence on my personal Facebook page, but it helps me keep up with some lovely friends, and I’m in some lovely textile groups. I have made my settings so I don’t see nasty pictures, including meat ( I’m vegen) that has helped. Generally, it helps me unwind. I’m not a phone person, and the messaging services on these apps help me keep in touch with friends near and far. I don’t think I’ll be closing either anytime soon.

(Jan Ryan) #10

I have a personal and a business page on FB and I pop in most days, usually when I’m having either a morning cuppa or an afternoon tea & snack. I don’t interact a lot but on my personal page I have a lot of local pages of the surrounding villages, police, council etc and it helps with keeping abreast of whats going on. I also have a few friends and family that are spread about the UK and further afield, we wave and say Hi and sometimes share memories.
I don’t post on my Handcrafted by Picto page as often as I should but I don’t really want to give it up because I do get occasional repeat customers and I’ve just recently had a couple of commissions.

(Thedotterypotter) #11

Facebook still seems to be working for me in terms of driving customers here when I list something new. I’ve also just started on IG and I have already managed to secure a few new customers that way too.
Honestly, for me it;s just so easy to promote on both of those platforms. FB has definitely made it harder to have such a visible presence as maybe a few years ago but it’s still worth my while at the moment.
I don’t really let it take up too much of my time, I interact with other pages when I see items that I like and I try to post at least once a day or I really notice a drop in sales here when I haven’t been in FB or IG for a few days.

I’m not sure how I could spend my time more wisely promotions wise if I wasn’t using Social Media as I find it hard to big myself up face to face or even via email (when approaching galleries etc) Most of my other outlets are people that have approached me to stock my work by finding me online.

I remember the fear (back 20+) years ago of having to traipse around galleries with examples of my work and facing possible rejection. This way, people can choose whether to like your work or not without it being so brutal!
I’ll keep going with the Social Media aspect of it and hopefully try to move with the times…lol!

(HeidiMeier) #12

Lots of different views, really interesting. I think I might reduce my own posts to once or twice a week (which to be honest is probably quite near what I have done during the past six months or so anyhow); it’s nice to interact with others but I guess it’s just part of the overall marketing mix. How big a part varies from business to business; I think I am looking for more face to face contact at the moment. Not 100% sure about the best way to acheive that however… :slight_smile:

(Diane Burton) #13

I use my Facebook page mainly as a way of sharing what I’m doing craft wise, I’ve just reopened my shop on here and the dark side after a gap of several months (mojo did a runner as well as MiL being in & out of hospital) but I have kept adding the odd post to Facebook about craft in general and the ‘background’ to what little bits of craft I’ve done as well as using it to advertise a couple of craft fairs I’ve done on the last 2 weekends (a lot of my likers are local friends and family so it’s useful for that if nothing else) I use Instagram a lot as I’m crafting (WIP, the aftermath shots etc) as well as finished projects and find it easier as I don’t feel the need to add lots of detailed description (just a few words and as many # as I can think of)

(Verchielbeadsandjewellery) #14

Hi folks - its really interesting hearing lots of different view points and experiences. I dont use fb much for personal use but I have found its worked really well for my business. I have set up a fb page where I sell my beads, findings, cord seed beads and sale stock. People just comment to buy and then I paypal them. This has worked really well for me and sometimes I take more online from this than I do in my shop that costs me £150 a week!! I must confess that it takes alot of my time and you need to post on there most days to maintain peoples interest. I am learning each day with insta, twitter etc.

(Maggie Gibbs) #15

I don’t use facebook to sell at all. Only to keep in touch with friends and family.

(Diane Burton) #16

I use my personal Facebook for friends and family and business page for craft promotion (although I do have some ‘crafty’ friends on my personal page and sometimes share craft fair news to my personal page)

(Natalie Thomas) #17

I’m not a fan of FB and only have a small following there, but I do get custom from it so can’t completely get rid (I ditched my personal page 2 years ago and now only have the one for my business). I far prefer Instagram so thought, as no one had mentioned it already, I’d share what I do to keep FB as easy as possible. Whenever I post to instagram, I just use the share button and my IG post (including the caption) appears as a post on FB too. Quick and easy, hope that helps xxx

(Verchielbeadsandjewellery) #18

Great suggestion re instagram share. Havent done that one before!