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I opened a bag of potatoes this morning so I can use a couple in my omelette and I found this: a heart shaped potato! Perfect timing for it. :slight_smile: Happy Valentine’s Day!!


That is fantastic.
You can feel the love


Aw! That is fantastic! A potato to fall in love with. Hope the omelette was tasty?

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Yes, it was! Made with lots of love too!

One year I was given a tonne of manure for valentines - I grew courgettes with it rather than potatoes but they were extra tasty from all the love.

Very cute!

And on the theme of amusing vegetables, I grew some amorous carrots once:-


This thread really made me smile- bit concerned about your manure valentines gift though Sasha! :wink:

Awww i love your heart shaped spud.
I found a carrot a while back at work which amazed us all. So life like. I’m afraid I can’t post a photo of it as it was a naughty shaped carrot and I may get in trouble lol :wink:


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I love it!

I had a bit of emotional difficulty peeling that potato and cutting it. If I didn’t, it would be rotten eventually. So the best thing to do is to just eat it and enjoy it.