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Spring cleaning

I don’t know if you are like me, but February of every year I have to clean out both my workshops. Things that have not been used in the last twelve months are thrown out (re-cycled where possible). Everything is cleaned thoroughly, benches are cleaned, shelves are tidied, tools are cleaned & sharpened, and a full stock take is made. I am not quite half way through yet, but I know that when it is finished I will have a renewed spirit to make new creations. I love that feeling.

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That’s something I like to do as well, except that I do it in late summer - I usually work towards an exhibition which goes up in August and after that is done I like to have a good sort out before going into pre-Christmas panic mode!

I don’t have a workshop but I’ve been having a go at the house. I hate housework! It’s such a waste of time. You clean the place from top to bottom and a couple of months later you have to do it all over again :wink:
Wish I could manage to chuck a few things out, but they might come in useful one day…

I think we might be twins separated at birth…lol!

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‘Workshop one’ has been Spring cleaned (if that is the right expression). Workbench has been swept, saws cleaned and oiled, files attacked with a wire brush, wood chisels cleaned and sharpened, my wood pile has been re-ordered and tidied, and a stock check has been done. I feel well satisfied.
Next, ‘workshop two’. This is going to be trickier as this is where I do my creative thinking, designing, drawing and painting. Must retain my feng shui. But this is for another day.

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Great to have my pencil crayons back into some sort of order. Wonder how long it will last though!