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I trashed my house and had a massive sort out!

I had the house to myself this weekend, which was really weird but GREAT!!
So to make the most of it, I trashed my house and had a massive sort out!

Honestly it doesn’t always look that way!!

You would be so impressed, I now have keepsake boxes for me and my husband and one each for the children to hand over when they leave home, complete with their own baby photo albums, all their school certificates/reports and memories.
There is NO clutter in my house and I feel so refreshed.
Now I need to go to the work shop and tidy up all the stuff I dumped in there during the process.

Anyone else have a productive weekend?


It’s lovely having a good de clutter.
I’m due one soon as we are decorating the living room, and we have a lot of books piling up.
I need some good solid bookcases :blush:

I did have quite a productive day yesterday making some new jewellery & finishing off a few wip pieces.

That reminds me, we really must de clutter our loft, so full of stuff including all the things the kids made at school! :slight_smile:


We keep threatening to clear out the loft, we still have boxes up there that haven’t been opened since we moved in (November 1997!!) but all that gets done is Hubby goes up to retreive the Christmas decs. (December) put them back (January) or get down/put back the big suitcases (July or August) rest of the time it gets ignored unless we buy something big (like a new TV) then he opens the loft hatch and quickly shoves the box through (in case we need to send it back under guarantee)

We took the wheelchair from the loft, after making sure all’s well with it it’s now on it’s way to a small mountain refugee camp in Iraq.

All the Christmas decorations are now back in their correct storage boxes and tucked back away into the loft till next year.

I finished the book I was making just need to give it a lovely cover now.

Ohh can u come and do my house?? With 4 little ones there is soooo much clutter