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Personal projects!

(Witty Dawn) #1

I am shortly shutting my shop for a couple of weeks whilst I go and stay with my Mum as she recovers from a hip op. She is a ‘crafty’ type too so we have a few projects to catch up on.

I’m taking this with me … I have a Gatsby/1920’s ball to go to and I’ve been working on this dress. I now have sequins, beads and fringing to add so it will be a nice project to do.

Anybody else working on a personal project at the moment ?

(Susan Bonnar) #2

Just busy with normal stuff but that dress is fab! Get well soon Dawn’s Mum xx

(Christine Shephard) #3

Oooh, that dress will be stunning Dawn, gorgeous colour too! I do hope your mum makes a speedy recovery and you enjoy your crafting time together.

I’m planning to make most of my presents this year, so plenty to keep me going over the next few weeks. The men/boys are a bit tricky, but I’m sure I’ll think of something I can make for them.


Wow, what a fabulous dress!

My personal project at the moment is to decorate my home. Although I rent, in the past year or so, I started to re-arrange things in the house to make it look more homey and cosy. I must admit that I like the result. As I work from home and I spend most of my time at home, it is so nice to have a cosy space. I added lots of vintage items, hand made, art and pottery, lots of gifts from family and friends, I painted old furniture to get a fresh look, I also bought new furniture when the budget allowed and incorporated in the space, I also got free furniture from neighbours, etc. I re-decorated my working room too (which is a small spare room that we use as guests room as well). Here are a few photos:

My working room with hand painted furniture, handmade curtains and vintage items (an old clock and a typewriter):


In the kitchen - lots of presies like recipients and decorative spoons:

In the living room: lavender from my patio garden and presies again:

Next project: the patio in the spring with flowers and a bistro style corner with table and chairs. I have 2 wooden chairs that I intend to paint one blue and one mustard to add to the existing set of iron table and chairs in matte black/very dark grey. I can’t wait!

(Witty Dawn) #5

Thanks for kind comments ref my Mum - I am now back in my own home after spending two weeks with her whilst she recovered - and is doing very well.

During those 2 weeks I have been beading/embellishing that dress and making a matching bag and head band ! I willl try and get a decent pic of them sometime!