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Happy Friday Morning 21/8

I feel like doing some sewing today but I’m not even going to entertain diving inside the boxes upstairs looking for everything. :unamused:

Looks like it’s going to rain here today, whats new? Hope you all manage to get crafty at some point today or this evening. I need to sort my shop out which I plan on doing early while the OH and kids are sleeping.

Will check in later. x

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Hi Kelly, I think Suzzie @thistledownandHOPE who ran a couple of these threads in your absence has been asked to change the thread from a daily one to a weekly one by admin. Apparently we are cluttering up the forums too much :slight_smile: She has suggested a “Weekly natterings” post

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Oh okay? Well at least it was Suzzie @thistledownandHOPE who was told off and not me lol. :grin: Sorry Camilla. x @folksycontent

Well, I’m making a decision here. Since this thread is already started, I’m going to run with it, and jup ship from the Wednesday one!

lol Rhiannon @RhiannonRoseJewellery. You’ll be in trouble! x :laughing:

hi there, I’m on my 2nd cup of coffee this morning and thought I’d dive straight on here and say hello.

I’m new to the forums as well as new to Folksy !

Any tips on how to get people looking at your stuff?

Hello Ladies!!!

Kelly @tagpress how’s new house?
By the way, I have little giveaway :slight_smile: Details:

Have a great day!

Pretty rotten Monika. x :expressionless: @TobisiasLilThing

Lol Kelly @tagpress, Trouble is my middle name!

lol. x :grin:

What you mean rotten??? Needs total renovation or something?

I wish Monika @TobisiasLilThing. It’s way too small, looking for something else. x

Not too sure which thread I should be posting on! Beautiful sunny day here although thunderstorms forecast for later. I have spent the morning making up some diaries/card wallets ready to go into a Christmas shop next month. I have got a horrendous week ahead at work next week and really should be getting things ready for it but I think I will spend the afternoon relaxing in the garden while the sunshine lasts, might make up a few felted balls while I sit here ready for some more Christmas decorations.

It’s lovely here too. At the moment. Towels are out drying, second batch of washing is about to finish and I can just smell the Italian 3 cheese bread that I put in the breadmaker 4 hours ago cooking. It’s an experiment, so it could go either way! I’ve sorted out an idea that’s been in my head for a bit, had a long chat with my daughter and done some knitting. No doubt the wheels will come off later…

Will take a time I think, but nice home is important for peace of mind :slight_smile:

Yes, it rained on my washing (but only as I was getting it in.) One cat is still wandering - hasn’t been seen for 24 hours. He does this every summer, but we always worry. And as for the bread! Taste 10/10 Appearance 0/10 - it sank in the middle. My lovely daughter pointed out that you could use it to serve soup in, lol.

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