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Christmas is coming!

(Roz) #1

Am I alone in thinking about Christmas already? I’m beginning to think I am going mad but I am already trying out some potential new ideas! Started in August last year and ended up being really rushed to get enough made for my Christmas craft fairs so I thought I’d start early this year and take it at a slower pace!

(Margaret Jackson) #2

I was thinking about Christmas earlier today strangely enough, it’s only 8 months away now! :smile:

(Roz) #3

And getting closer daily!

(Trevor Harvey) #4

Putting my decs up next week…


(Pauline Hayward) #5

I’m always thinking about and making Christmas things, so no your not alone. I keep thinking when is a good time to start listing again on here.


(Roz) #6

Perhaps a little early to start listing!

(Margaret Jackson) #7

Not necessarily, lots of people like to spread the cost of Christmas throughout the year so you may well get sales of Christmas stock at this or any time of year.

(Liz Dyson) #8

I’ve already bought 11 Christmas presents - 9 from here and 2 from FB, so it’s never too early. I bought my first gift from folksy in January.


(Roz) #9

Best get on with making and listing then!

(Pauline Hayward) #10

My Plus account runs out the first week in August so I was thinking to get the benefit from that then I may even start as early as the second week in July. I have actually sold Christmas stock at fairs in May & June before now.


(Joy Salt) #11

I’m not making for Christmas but it is in the back of my mind.

We tend to have a few weeks away in September and the last 2 years have got back to non-stop pre-christmas glassmaking (and selling :slight_smile: ).
No autumn clearance has been done in my garden for the last 2 years as there has been no time to do it, just glass glass and glass from end of September onwards.

What I Am doing is trying to make sure my shop is stocked with at least one of as many designs from my ‘catalogue’ as possible, and once it is, I then plan to make spares of the most popular pieces, and especially Christmassy related, through the rest of the summer.

That is the plan but plans go wrong and I have extreme difficulty predicting what I am going to sell next !

(Lisa) #12

Hey guys, I’m a noob.

I was walking home from town the other day and I saw a Christmas tree in someone’s front room window. Obvs left from last year (or maybe the year before?)

I got home and started working on Christmas cards, so no, it’s not too early lol


(Joy Salt) #13

I live in the middle of nowhere with no street lights, just star and moon, and at Christmas we really like it that the neighbours put lights up round their houses as we can, for a few weeks at least, find our way in the dark, to our door.
I notice that one set of neighbours actually has their santa and sleigh there all year long, just not turned on !

(Gillian Rumford) #14

Probably easier to leave outside decorations up rather than having to start the process of getting out the ladder and sorting the electrics all over again each year as long as they don’t turn them on too soon. I do my Christmas shopping all year round when I see suitable presents and have sold a Christmas item in the last week myself so I don’t think it is purely seasonal anymore.

(Trevor Harvey) #15

I have a series of pictures I’m looking into making into Christmas cards this year, will probably start listing late August

(Grimm Exhibition) #16

Ive been thinking about Xmas since JAnuary. I made some glass decs which really sold well at fairs last year, so Im making a variety of those with a twist. Also making other glass decs and cards that sold well. May as well start early. I seem to be permanently in Xmas mode and I love it!! I bought some tabel sprinkles last week that say Merry Christmas for a project idea have. I even made enquiries about Xmas fairs last week.

(Diane Burton) #17

I was tempted to get my Christmas card making CDs & cutting dies out the other day just to try & get my crafting mojo back in line (it’s been going AWOL a lot recently!!) didn’t get anything made but have a few ideas to mull over, last Christmas was very quiet for me online (although I did OK at the few craft fairs I did) so I have a few cards ‘in storage’ that I might list in late August.

(Liz Dyson) #18

Well, I’m trying to reply and it won’t let me. I’ll try again

(Liz Dyson) #19

No, it won’t let me say what I was saying - says it too similar to another post I made - what rot!!

(Ms Cup Cake) #20

Christmas?! :open_mouth: lol