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Getting Ready for Winter?

(Barbara Byrom) #1

This may seem strange subject for the middle of summer, but I have started getting ready for winter already and I wonder how many other people are doing this. I’ve found that if I start my winter knitting now then I will have a really good stock come the Christmas buying season. This week I have listed this winter hat which has matching scarf.

(Rhiannon Rose) #2

I’m afraid that I’m not that well prepared! I should be working on some designs for jewellery kits for Christmas, but I doubt that I will start before the October half-term! Right now, I’m concentrating on stocking my Folksy shop which I’ve only opened recently, and making it through to the end of the school year in one piece!

(Deborah Jones) #3

I am busy making stock for Christmas is my main earning time of year so need to be well prepared.

(Kelly) #4

It’s funny you made this topic Barbara as I was thinking the exact same thing later last night. I think i’ll do it too.

(Suzzie Godfrey) #5

Me too Barbara, I have started to knit my lovely hot water bottle covers and pop them in my shop, so I am not too stressed out nearer the wonderful Christmas time, here’s one to whet your appetite, suzzie x

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #6

I have started making Christmas stock too.
And Halloween.
This is when I usually do my best selling.
Must admit it will be my first proper Xmas on folksy so quite looking forward to see what happens.
My mum always says you can never be to organised

(Kelly) #7

You’re Mum is right. :smile:

(Sasha Garrett) #8

I’m already booked in for 4 christmas markets and contemplating more so yup I’m busy making stock in preparation. Also means I can take the photos when there is still decent light and I’m not trying to take them in November when it is wet and gloomy.

(Roz) #9

I am currently doing a pop up shop in Norfolk but on my return will start to focus more on my Christmas stock - never too early, although I may wait until September before listing it.

(Diane Burton) #10

I made 36 Christmas cards last week, a new kit I’d bought arrived and I couldn’t resist having a play then got a bit carried away, I’ve also been taking some Christmas decoupage sheets with me to the last few craft fairs and done a bit of cutting out in the quiet moments.

(Barbara Byrom) #11

That’s a very good point, Sasha.

(Barbara Byrom) #12

I love the bunny!

(Suzzie Godfrey) #13

Thank you, we love it too!!

(Rosesworkshop) #14

I’m definitely trying to build some stock up rather than leave it until the last minute. Also, Americans do “Christmas in July” special offers, so the other site has promotions going on. Here’s a popular “winter” hat for example.

(Kelly) #15

The hat is lovely Rose!

(Barbara Byrom) #16

Here’s another winter item I listed today.

(Kelly) #17

Hi @KentCrafts I love the colours in the scarf, it’s beautiful x

(Eileens Craft Studio) #18

I keep a large selection of winter/autumn items in my shop all year round

Here’s just one set

I also keep plenty of Christmas items available like these Christmas decorations

(Kelly) #19

Loving the hat, scarf & glove set @EileensCraftStudio

I want a new set for this year, I’m after either light or medium grey! x

(Eileens Craft Studio) #20

Thank you :smile:

I’ve not thought about buying gray or light gray yarn mmmm I might just have to start buying some