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Stats not working Again

Morning @Folksyadmin @dougfolksy the stats aren’t working again today. Could you let us know when they will be fixed please? The overall 30 total shows but the 24 hour picture just shows zeroes.


I’ve got zero stats in all sections.

Oh I thought it was just me … was beginning to get an inferiority complex :flushed:


Phew like @BeOdd said being new here thought it was something I’d done! :sweat_smile:

Hi. I’ve had no 24 hour stats for two days. @Folksyadmin , please could you investigate this and replace the stats.

I’ve got no stats again today. I’m feeling lonely :joy:

Same here @folksycontent @dougfolksy no stats for 3days!
Just glad it’s not only me as I had a little panic that knitted goodies were no longer in vogue!!

Same here, 3rd day in a row stats saying zero!!!

Same, no stats :frowning: It’s a bit odd Folksy haven’t acknowledged it though, even if just to say they’re aware of the problem

Yes, that’s 3 days now, they usually fix it same day. @dougfolksy

Same here I’ve sent an email marked as Urgent asking what is wrong and when it will be fixed. Please respond @folksycontent @dougfolksy. Surely the can have been no-one visiting any of us for the last 3 days.

Glad I saw this post today, I thought it was just me! Although my shop is fairly new here, I’ve been getting plenty of views every day, however it just suddenly stopped 2/3 days ago. Thought it was just me, perhaps not?

Hello – I’m really sorry about that, there was an issue which I’ve just investigated and fixed and I have re-launched the process to generate everybody’s stats. I’ll be monitoring that and will let you know once it’s completed – it might be an hour or two, yet.
My apologies that I didn’t get on to this sooner.

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Hello – just to let you know that stats should be up and working, again.
My apologies for not getting to them sooner.

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@dougfolksy Thanks they’re up and working fine for me.

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Thank you Doug.

Thank you Doug they are now working for me and for @CreationsforTinyTots as well.

Thank you Doug

Thank you!

Thanks @dougfolksy they’re working fine now.:+1: