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No daily stats today

My daily stats are not showing today @dougfolksy. Is it just me?

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Mine neither

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I wondered if it was just me. I usually have a healthy amount of views but zero today.


I looked first thing this morning and they were there for the last 24 hours, but nothing showing now when I click ‘last 24 hours’ so something’s feeling the heat!


Yep I haven’t had any either


Not just you, none for me either.

None for me either :worried:

None for me yesterday or this morning @dougfolksy !

None for me either, yesterday and today :sleepy:
@dougfolksy @folksycontent

There are still no stats available yesterday or today. When are they going to be fixed please @dougfolksy

No, it’s not just you, this is the second day I’ve not had any.

None for me today. And I thought I heard the shop door bell ring a few minutes ago…

None for me either

Mine have appeared - hope everyone else can see their’s.

Mine have appeared, too!

Stats success! Thanks to whoever got the spanner out and fixed it.

Hi there,
I am quite new to Folksy and I also had no stats showing for the last few days.
this morning I again had some views and impressions showing, but 10 hours later those figures had not changed.
Has it broken down again? Has everyone else returned to normal? Am I supposed to contact someone? Or is there a reset button I don’t know about?
Any help from the experienced appreciated!

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The stats are updated overnight and don’t change during the day. Occasionally (like the last couple of days) there is a glitch in the system and they show 0. It’s unlikely to just be you when that happens!

You need to report it to to be looked at. Alternatively you can post on a thread here in the forums and tag @dougfolksy (Doug being the Technical IT Wizard who will get his spanners out to fix it!) but he won’t necessarily spot it here very quickly, so email is best.

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Thank you!

@GlintBeads If for example your stats showed 10 views and 100 impressions for the last 24 hours in the morning, and 10 hours later you check and it’s showing exactly the same - there’s nothing wrong, that’s just how stats work on Folksy.

It’s probably just that it’s worded a little confusingly. The stats are not for the exact last 24 hours, but for the previous day, and the number of views you got yesterday aren’t going to change at all throughout today.