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Stats not working

Is it just me or is there a problem with stats for yesterday? It is only showing me my sold items.

My stats aren’t showing either. @dougfolksy is there a problem with the stats?

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Hi I’m not getting any information for yesterdays stats either.


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Nothing showing on mine either.

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Hello – I’m just looking into it, now. It looks like a stray event hasn’t been processed so I’m just running a script to find that and then, if that’s indeed the issue, I’ll re-generate the stats.
Hopefully, stats will be back up-and-running within an hour or two.
I’ll keep you posted – thanks for letting us know and thanks, too, for being patient with us whilst we sort it.


Hello again – yes, that looks like it is the issue. I’ve dealt with the stray record and have relaunched the task to build the stats. Hopefully that’ll complete in the next couple of hours.
Once again, sorry about that and thank you for letting us know.


Just another update, the task to rebuild the stats has completed and they look to be working again.
Thank you (again!),


Thank you. Mine are working now.

Is there a problem again this morning @dougfolksy ? It’s only showing my sale from yesterday and nothing else??

No stats today. Is it me or is there a problem? @dougfolksy

Argh, I’m sorry about that – I’m having a look into it, now.

Hello again – it looks like one of the 6 tasks that generate the stats didn’t complete last night, so I’ve relaunched it, now, and it should hopefully complete within the hour.
This is the second time I’ve seen this issue this week, although I hadn’t seen this particular error before this week. My assumption had been that one of the servers that run the task had run out of RAM to process it, so I bumped the RAM on them all up, thinking that should fix it.
Evidently I still have some investigation to undertake!
I’m going to let the generation task run tonight and check how it’s performed tomorrow morning, which will hopefully give me a bit of insight into the precise nature of the issue.
In the meantime, stats should be working for the up-to-1-sixth of people who are missing them within an hour or so.
Thanks for letting me know about it and thanks for your patience with my ongoing investigations!

Just an update: the task has finished running, now, so you should be able to see your stats.
Thanks again,

Thanks Doug, working fine now.

Yesterday’s stats not showing this morning @dougfolksy Maybe the cold has got to them :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake:

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Hello! They should be good again, now.
I’ve been monitoring to try to catch them at it but it’s like they knew I was watching until this morning!
I’ve just added a second-pass task in the scheduler that should run after the stats generation tasks and catch anything that failed to complete so hopefully this is the last time we see this issue due to a process failing to complete.
There’s still one other, less-regular cause of stats outages that I’m laying traps for but this fix should stop the majority of missing stats occurrences that we’ve seen so far this year.
Thanks again for the heads-up and thanks for your generosity of spirit whilst I fixed it!

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thanks for the update.

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Morning @dougfolksy. I’ve zero stats for yesterday. Have you got a gremlin?

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Ah, yes, I see we might well have, thank you! I’m looking into fixing that, now…

Hello again – yes, I can see that there was an unprocessed record holding the stats generation up.
I’ll have to investigate how that occurred but in the meantime I’ve relaunched the generation tasks and they should hopefully be completed within the next hour or so – I’m tailing their logs, now, and they seem to be chugging away quite happily.
Thanks very much for the early headsup!

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