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Stats Old vs New

Why Are the old Stats way out from the New one.
One Said 13 Views The Other 31 in 24 hours

I’ve noticed this too. I don’t know why it is. Would be interesting to learn.

Are the new stats consistently giving higher numbers? The new stats include both item and shop views in the total count whilst the old one just counted item views so if the new stats number is higher it is because there are people who have looked at just your shop front not a specific item. Not sure if their blog post actually offers any more info but here it is
(I’m assuming you’re not getting views and impressions mixed up)

Hi Bekki

I had 1200 views in a month and not sold one badge Thats mad

If your conversion rate is that low you might want to have a look at this blog post with tips on how to improve it

Thanks for That