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Shop Views - Are they accurate?

(Nana Louise Nielsen) #1

Forgive me if this has been explained thoroughly somewhere that I missed.

The shop view stats on my shop are so incredibly low - are they really that low? And does Folksy only count one per customer per day?

On the plus side it would mean that my sale per views rate is incredible - something like 1 sale per 50 views.
On Etsy I have 1 sale per 160 views (but sell more as there is more traffic)

(Margaret Jackson) #2

Please see this thread which covers the same topic:

(Patricia Smith) #3

Like many others, I’ve found that shop views have been low since the front page changed. I wondered whether relisting could still have any impact on views, so I’ve been conducting my own experiment - relisting different numbers of items each day and then recording Folksy Shop Views and Google Analytics sessions for the same day. After three weeks the results suggest that there is NO significant correlation between the number of relistings and the number of viewings - so don’t waste your time pressing that Relist button on a daily basis! It may be some comfort to know that there is a good correlation between Folksy shop views and Analytics sessions, although they are not the same! How well do sales correlate with views? Give me about another ten years and I might have enough data to answer that!

(Nana Louise Nielsen) #4

I know how you feel. We could stare at these stats for years and be none the wiser.

Useful to know about the Relisting, though, thank you.
I think I will just ignore the stats and focus on sales :o)

(Pauline Hayward) #5

I’m not sure if they are accurate at all. Just looked at mine on here and they’ve gone from one end of the scale to the other compared to last year, and that’s DOWN on the graph.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #6

Having kept records I can tell mine are up on last year every month.

That doesn’t mean my views every day are great, but overall mine are on the up.