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Stock taking surprises

(Grimm Exhibition) #1

With the lovely free listings from Folksy Ive been going through my work.
I consider myself to be quite organised, but Ive found a necklace has disappeared from my storage draw, that Ive been listing for ages(now in the hidden section of my shop ), and Ive realised how few prints I actually have available in my shop, and other items I should really get on display.
Maybe Im not as organised as I thought.
Did anybody else do a stock take for this weekend or recently, and did you get any “surprises”?

(Joy Salt) #2

I mended a suncatcher for a good customer the other day, put a photo of before and after on my Facebook page and came to my shop to get the link for the latest version. Don’t have one and haven’t since I sold the last 5th December. I was quite shocked !
PS I have one now :slight_smile:

(SaskiaN) #3

Conveniently (before I knew about the free listings) I went through my stock last week to take photos for a craft fair application. Discovered several items perfect for Father’s Day that I had made and never listed (I think because I made a lot of things at the same time, so just never got around to the faff of listing them). Very chuffed as I didn’t think I had anything to list for Father’s Day! Unfortunately I listed them before the free listings :frowning: