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Took a day off for Christmas and half my stock went walkabouts!

This morning I thought I would showcase my New Years Revolution suncatcher as that is what it was designed for.

Decided to copy it and make a new listing rather than a relist as my shop needs a New Year pickmeup having been dead as a dodo for a week.

Couldn’t find it anywhere but then a search found it but unavailable. ???
My computer file said otherwise.

I recommend Not doing a big relist on the 27th of August - choose a date a few days earlier if things are getting ready to expire. I did one then as I was going away all September so before I went I relisted anything due to ‘drop off’ all through that month.

Do you think I noticed the Folksy email which told me 100+ listings were due to expire on 25th December 2016 ? Of course I didn’t.
To be honest I usually ignore them as I usually keep a good eye on things but have been a bit handily preoccupied these last few weeks.

Just taken me ages to find the expired ones which are still in stock and relist.
Hope I haven’t lost too many sales while a lot of stock has been unavailable !


I vaguely remember that e-mail too. I can’t say that I went through all my stock to check afterwards though. I think this year I will make a note of the date on my kitchen calendar to remind me, because on 27th August, Christmas seems a very long way off!

Sam x

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