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Storing your items

(Mylittlesewingshed) #1

Hi! I just wondered how everyone stored the items they make? I have a plastic box with my finished sewing in and wrap everything individually in tissue paper before I put it in the box … I just wondered if there was a ‘more professional’ way of doing it!? Thanks x

(Fiona Thomson) #2

i do exactly the same :slight_smile: keeps them airtight and dust free, and i want my things to arrive smelling as good and fresh as when i pulled the fabric out of the washing machine.

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #3

Basically it doesn’t matter if your storage is fancy, so long as it does its job - ie. keeps your items clean, free from damage and dust, stops them getting damp etc. You need to be sending a New item to your customer (unless it’s vintage of course :wink:), so anything that makes sure this is the case has to be good.
Of course, keeping your work area / storage area tidy is another matter altogether…

(Pauline Hayward) #4

I have about 15 large plastic storage boxes which I keep all my finished items in and they are stored upstairs in one of my spare bedrooms. My supplies like my ribbons are kept in an old draw unit that used to be my Son’s and that is downstairs in my workroom/Hubbies office/study.
I’m quite lucky to have all this space as during the week I can spread out due to hubby been away all week and then on a Friday I have go around and tidy up.


(Melanie Commins) #5

Another plastic boxer upper-er here.

Long live the plastic box! (about 1000 years I think)

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #6

I have the long Really Useful storage boxes under my bed to store my greetings cards - I cello wrap each one with a sticky label with my details, then I can keep them tidily in a couple of the boxes.

Another long box stores my ready wrapped Christmas decorations and other small handing decorations.

Another boxes houses my ready wrapped smaller art work.

This way I know where everything should be when I get an order, and it also makes sure that my bunny, who likes to play under my bed, can’t get her teeth into anything :smiley:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #7

Into boxes they go after first going into a cloth or paper bag.

(Brenda Cumming) #8

I am so lucky to be a painter of aceos…I have some 8x6 solid boxes and they hold about 200 aceos…easy.!!
…mind you, I have lots of them…one for aceos waiting for listing (about 60 in there right now) another for those listed on Folksy…another for the bay and another for the dark side…then another for those waiting for payment…then I have two large boxes for slightly larger paintings and a file with polypockets (with stiff card to protect anything larger)…job done…simples…

(Rachel) #9

Cardboard boxes here that have three letters on, abc etc each item is placed in a sealed plastic bag with its name and date on and goes in its box. I still panic though when I come to look for an item. I wish I could think of an easier way but alphabetically is the best I can come up with so far.

(Karen Ellam) #10

I started off with a smallish plastic storage box. Each handmade item goes into a little plastic press seal bag and stored, waiting hopefully to find a new home.
As I’m making new items a lot faster than I’m selling them my storage boxes keep getting bigger and bigger lol :wink:
Luckily with making jewellery it isn’t too space absorbing. If I painted pictures or made lamp shades or something I would have to build an extension :wink::wink:

Karen :cake:

(Esterina Kearse) #11

Hi All Crafters,
Can anyone help me. I make my own greeting cards, what is the best way of storing these?

(Minerva) #12

I use airtight containers with moth repellent for my knitted items. That works well for me.

(Karen Ellam) #13

When I used to make cards I would put them in a press seal plastic grip bag, and I had a really good plastic storage box which slid open like a drawer rather than have a lid. I found it great for storing them neatly and safely.
My other half pinched it unfortunately for his parafinalea (dodgy spelling lol) when I gave up card making.
I think I got it from Staples, but it was many years ago so I don’t know if they still sell them.

Karen :cherry_blossom: