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Stumbleupon anyone tried it?

(Little Ramstudio) #1

Anyone ever had a sale from this site?

We find it brings in a huge wave of views that rush in and out just like the tide on a sandy beach :cry:

(Stephanie Guy) #2

I’ve never tried it but am interested to hear what others think of it.

(Hazel Rayfield) #3

I stumble …

I know there is a button of our folksy items which I use when adding a new item …

I also have it on my blog posts, it is at the bottom of each post, its part of a sharing type widget we have installed, this is my latest post you can see the widget just above the comments box.

When I use stumble to place a page, I will invariably get several hits within the next 24 hours, and then after a few, now and then but not continually. Most will be US hits I find … not sure if it has lead to a sale, but I did recently stumble a lot of my folksy pages and got a US purchase out of the blue, but who knows lol

(Karen Ellam) #4


I have heard of Stumbleupon, but I don’t really know a lot about it. :smiley:


(Christine Shephard) #5

No, I don’t think I could face any more social media type things - I’m worn out keeping up with all of them! :dizzy_face:

(Leanne Woods) #6

I use it, generally it brings about 80-130 views for me, it does result in sales you know where but I think that, as Hazel said is because it does bring a lot of traffic from the US, I also get a lot from Australia and New Zealand.

Someone recently mentioned that prices on folksy are still shown in GBP even if you’re in a different country, I tried changing my location to the US but the prices still showed in £, I don’t know if that’s down to me having a shop and the site knowing full well where I was but I’m sure if prices were displayed in a visitor’s own currency it might help convert some of the visitors brought by the likes of stumbleupon into sales.

(Helen Smith) #7

Folksy doesn’t do currency conversion, it was a really really big thing when it was brought in on Etsy. Being a UK site I’m not sure Folksy will ever run to that… have to get a lot bigger first I think!

Back in the day on Etsy we always used to put a bit of blurb for UK buyers about the prices being in USD and a link to a currency conversion site, if you have a lot of hits from the US etc it might be worth doing that sort of thing?

(Leanne Woods) #8

I’m not sure why I had it in my head that folksy used to show prices in the viewer’s currency, I must be getting muddled up with something else.

Linking to a currency converter is a great idea but I’m not sure how many people bother to use links that aren’t clickable. I was thinking of adding a short approximation in a few of the main currencies to give people a rough idea of the cost without them having to buy items and get as far as paypal to see the total cost before abandoning the order.

(Helen Smith) #9

That’s a good idea, exchange rates seem relatively stable at the moment (she says, tempting fate…). I used to hate having to list in USD on Etsy and never be sure from one day to the next whether I was going to get the right amount for anything I sold!

(Leanne Woods) #10

It does seem to have settled down a lot recently, I don’t think I’d consider doing it if the rates were as quick to change as a year+ ago but I don’t think anyone will be overly shocked if there’s a tiny difference as long as I state it’s approximate.

(Susan Bonnar) #11

I stumble everything I list - every little helps :slight_smile:

(Christina Green) #12

I tried it, it generated an astounding number of views… but no sales! I might try it again in the future, but so far doesn’t work for me.

(Shirley Woosey) #13

Stumbleupon does generate an astonishing amount of views sometimes.
They are mainly from USA but beware quite often they are “netbots” and not real people.
That said I do find that I get single views from real people in the following days and weeks, and these have led to sales.
Like Leanne says it does get picked in NZ and Australia as well as USA.
Shirley x

(Stephanie Guy) #14

Just joined and have lost a couple of hours already - oh dear, another time eater :wink: I think I will enjoy my time on there far more than pinterest or twitter :smile:

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Stephanie Guy Fine Art

(Little Ramstudio) #15

Don’t say that Stephanie, Pinterest is like a time vacuum. :smile:

Any more and we’ll have to give up sleeping…

(Eileens Craft Studio) #16

I use it everytime I list something new and sometimes use it to stumble other’s who I’m promoting via the promotions threads in the forums.

I don’t know if it does much as I think it’s mostly USA based no one I’ve spoken too as even heard of it.

But as my mother would say, “every little helps”

(Maxollieandme) #17

I stumble all the items i list as all the views you can receive can only help get your brand out into the public. Its another platform to be found on xxx

(Karen McPherson) #18

I signed up for it a while ago but have no idea how it works lol

(Leanne Woods) #19

SU is another of those things that just has to be used properly to get the best out of it. Like every other social media/bookmarking site it was never intended for self promotion so using it just to stumble items in shops will never generate any genuine interest, there’ll be the initial spike in bot/accidental views (it’s called stumbleupon for a reason) but very little beyond that. It’s easier to target certain customers within certain categories but not others. Some of my own items just aren’t right for the type of people using stumbleupon so generate squat in the way of interest if I do waste 30 seconds stumbling them. I stick to stumbling what fits.

I always pass on the same advice I was given, although (bad Leanne) I can’t remember who gave it to me … could have been Heather come to think of it … anyway,

Time is precious and we can’t make more of it, try everything social media wise and eventually stick with the ones you enjoy and ditch the rest, if you don’t like using them it all just starts to feel like hard work and a waste of time, you end up begrudging the time spent on certain sites and it shows to followers/likers/fans/etc.

Paraphrasing … cause it’s midnight, but the gist is in there somewhere:)