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Sudden spurt of inspiration!

(Roz) #1

Having spent the last few days felting like mad to try and keep my shop stocked I came to the point yesterday where I decided it was time for a rest. My arms and shoulders were aching and if I had carried on it would have turned into a chore rather than enjoyable crafting.

So, I decided I would have a break and what happens - woke up this morning with a million new ideas running around in my head and itching to get trying them all! Always happens when I need a rest. Am going to have to force myself not to do anything - think I’ll just buy a notebook and crayons today so I can write/draw it all down - I usually end up with a million scraps of paper which get lost!

Anyone else get mad moments of inspiration when they least expect/want it?

(Grimm Exhibition) #2

Yep, I had inspiration for an Xmas decoration idea about a month ago, mix that with sorting out fairs and the general run up to Xmas and I havnt had a chance to make a good stock of the decorations so Ive missed out this year. I plan to make loads throughout the year so Im ready for next Xmas.
The 2 I did mange to make actually sold, do that’s encouraging.

Having an ideas notebook is a great idea, I have about 4 notebooks going back a decade or so. I also have pieces of paper fluttering about.

(Suzzie Godfrey) #3

Roz @OrchardFelts an ideas book is essential, as inevitably time won’t allow you to make everything before it flutters away again, and then like Grimm you have an inexhaustible supply of design for the bare months.
Good thing to just sit with tea/coffee and design, especially on a Sunday, have a sip for me, Suzzie x

(Jo Sara) #4

I always get tons of ideas when I’m in the Christmas rush, so I’ve got no time to try them out. I think it must be the extra busyness that gets my mind working overtime and then the ideas come thick and fast too. I remember it happening last year, and I spent a lot of January creating what I’d thought up in December. And to make sure I remember what I’m coming up with, I’ve got an ideas list on the go. There’s so many ideas coming I need to write them down :smile:


EDIT. I see I’m not the only one with an ideas list (you were all typiing the same time as me :wink: ).

(Roz) #5

I do have an ideas list but unfortunately it is scattered about in so many places I can never remember where - hence the need for a dedicated notebook!

(Christine Shephard) #6

Don’t overdo the felting Roz - I went mad a few weeks back when I was restocking for a fair and have now got a very painful shoulder, so no felting for me for a while. It’s so frustrating…

(Elaine) #7

Ha, yes, isn’t that weird, the inspiration always seems to come at the wrong time. Get your ideas down on paper Roz and enjoy your break, you’ve deserved it.


(Helen Healey) #8

Yes I’ve had loads of ideas during a time of being very busy with craft fairs. It’s the last one today but then I’ve got to do all my Christmas shopping, wrapping, visiting etc and I promised my husband I wouldn’t do any making between Christmas and new year so we could have some quality time together. Looks like I’ll have a long list of ideas to start getting to grips with in January!

(Suzzie Godfrey) #9

Roz, I think you need a) to drop some subtle hints to your daughter that you need an ideas book
b) go and buy one for yourself, wrap it up and act all surprised on Christmas day, after all you are worth it!
Suzzie x

(Heidi Meier) #10

A notebook is a great idea and I’m going to start keeping one and trying to jot something down each day. Inspiration is never really a problem though - getting the time to complete things is the real bane of my life!!

(Jan Ryan) #11

I have sketchbooks but more often than not I do lots of scribbles on scraps of paper, printing paper or post it notes. Therefore I have lots of ring binders and plastic pockets, it keeps everything tidy and together and if I need one ‘idea section’ I can just take that pocket out to look at. :slight_smile:

(Heidi Meier) #12

I like that idea as I guess you could start with a thought and then when you have time, add to it and expand it out to a proper project without having to worry about running out of page space… :smile: