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Inspiration needed

Morning Crafters!

I need some inspiration to get crafting again. I’ve only had a short break, but usually I’m making something every day and for the past week I just haven’t had the energy or enthusiasm. I found out I am being made redundant from my job so I can do with focusing myself on my crafts again, but it seems to be a struggle at the moment.

Has anyone got any ideas for some simple but fun crafts that will help me get my creative juices flowing again?


Jennie x

I don’t know what crafts you could do. But to get your energy and focus back maybe some time in the countryside will help…or exercise? Nature does the trick for me. If your mind is not into it, maybe you are not ready for crafting.

So sorry you lost your job!

Sorry to hear about your job, that sucks.

I have to say for me it’s getting out for a walk in the sunshine that helps clear my head. We’ve got some lovely country park in Kent so a walk round one on them helps me. I also find historical houses a huge inspiration for me! I love the colours in stained windows, the designs on textiles from a bygone era, the architecture too!

I think the best thing you can do at the moment to life your spirits is to go and do something you enjoy, whatever that is, doesn’t have to be craft related.

Jennie @TheMeadsCraftHouse
Being made redundant is often a shock and it affects you as a person and this is what is to blame for your feeling low. Try not to dwell but keep busy, I find listening to upbeat music while I craft lifts my spirits. I am not always inspired when I have to do the same repetative job but I always feel pleased when an item is completed.
My husband listens to Opera when he feels low as it lifts his spirits fortunately for me he has headphones! What works for one doesn’t necessarily work for everyone.
Just read in the news today that HGV drivers are in short supply how about training for that.


Jennie - Pinterest alway does it for me - just sooo many gorgeous things of every description, can’t fail to inspire you.x

Jennie, sorry to hear about your job. Hopefully something will turn up soon.

I have had a few months away from crafting, but when I need inspiration I visit my local library and look through the craft books, usually bring some home. I have done some cross stitching, which I will add to needle cases when I get the time. Good luck with whatever you choose.
Marg. x

A long walk with the dog often does it for me. While walking my mind is buzzing with ideas, really could do with taking a notebook with me to write things down as Ive usually forgotten most of it by the time I get home!

Sorry to hear about your job. That’s definitely something that will make you feel unmotivated. :frowning:

I know it’s not the same but sometime a I go through phases of not feeling very inspired and I tend to read a lot of fiction in that time- my favourites are sort of young adult dystopian or fantasy sci-fi, the likes of Hunger Games and TimeRiders.

However- I feel the same as a lot of people on here- a nice day in the great outdoors often inspires. And for me, having a touristy day around where I live often fills me with inspiration- visiting museums, galleries and local craft/handmade shops.
At this time of year I like to go for a forage as well- I went for elderberries and blackberries the other day and just enjoying the scenery as well made me feel more creative. :slight_smile:

Hope your creative juices get flowing soon and allow you to feel more positive.

All the best.


Ooo foraging, don’t get me started, I find it very hard at this time of year not to come home after walking the dog with a bag full of pine cones, beech nut cases, blackberries, sloe berries and all manner of nuts and berries! My house is overflowing with pine cones, I’ll never need them all but I just can’t help myself!

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Jennie, I feel you need some rejuvenation without even thinking about crafts for a few days/weeks. If you have the money, some nice visits to museums/ country houses/ arty towns/ lunches or coffees out. If you don’t then get out in nature and come home to some hot stew and fresh bread! You’ve had a massive knock with the redundancy and need to nurture yourself for a bit :smile:

I love making moodboards, the old fashioned way with paper and scissors…How about that?!
Best of luck. x

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Hi Everyone,

Thank you all for your kind comments and help, it’s really appreciated :slight_smile: and lots of good tips for those feeling down moments.

Fingers crossed things will calm down soon as there seems to be an increasing amount on my plate, however, one thing to celebrate is that I made my first ever sale earlier this week and I made another today!

Hope you are all having a good week- not long till the weekend now!

Jennie x

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Darling sounds like you are a bit down in the dumps and you may be a bit depressed. I get dreadful moments of inertia, but am often much better when I get going. My recipe is a nice long walk in a green space (pref. with a dog!), hot choc and a nice read through a pile of old books or a wander through Pinterest. …Good Luck and hope you start to feel better soon.M xx

That sounds ideal Maggie and probably a plan for this weekend- just need to persuade my hubby to let us get a dog! Jennie x

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I’ve just come through a slow couple of weeks, so we must all get like that at times. I thought it was just me procrastinating again. How about a nice Christmas soft toy for someone to give as a presy? I like your baubles by the way Jennie.

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Ooooh Jennie…so sorry about the job. Not being personal, but are you anywhere near retiring? The only reason I ask is that I was forced to retire by ill health before I was even 40, and had all the questions about “What will you do with your time?” If you do have a decent break you’ll quickly realise that you’ve too many things to do and not enough time! These last 2 years I’ve had 3 longish enforced breaks in crafting (a stroke in 2013, bilateral kidney stones which led to three ops in March this year, followed only 6 weeks later by a ruptured appendix.(I must be a terrible person to deserve it!)and with these I found that even my interest in handwork disappeared. For me,coming to terms physically or mentally is always preceded by a sudden re awakening of motivation to do something with all the materials you have…and giving yourself permission to try again. This hasn’t been triggered by anything more than time. Give yourself a chance to take a deep breath and free yourself from crafting thoughts. I always think it’s like filing away the old stuff and making room for the new inspiration when it strikes. It’s worked for me…but then again, I’m an old(ish) lady so it’s easy for me to preach. Sometimes less will give you more, given the healing of time.
Oh yes - I can write in cliches too…

Just a thought but are there any crafting taster sessions near you, I recently did a fused glass workshop and a paperfolding one but although I dont want to take them up I enjoyed being with others, eating posh biscuits and learning something. So sorry to hear about your job x

Sorry to hear about your job! I always find a jolly good tidy up and sort out leaves me finding things I had long forgotten about and starting new projects x

Hi Denise,

If only I could retire, I would love to not worry about work and spend all of my days crating, but it’s probably a bit early for me as I’m only 23! :slight_smile:

I think you’ve all been right with the advice to allow myself to take some time away from making bits without feeling guilty. As a result I’ve actually found myself spending time making some decorations for my own living room rather than worrying about whether I can sell them or not and that’s been really enjoyable.

All of you have been so lovely with your comments though and it really is appreciated and very encouraging. The crafting community really is a lovely one :slight_smile:

Jennie x

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Morning everyone,

Thank you for all of the encouragement and support you provided when I first posted on here. I just wanted to give an update that things are looking much brighter for me now. I brought a load of beautiful beads (which is enough to bring a smile to my face) and have started making jewellery again :slight_smile:

I also found out yesterday that I have been offered another job, so no longer need to worry about my redundancy.

Thank you all again.

Have a happy Tuesday!

Jennie x

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