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Sudden surge in sales!

I’ve been here about three and a half years and usually average one or two sales a month. But this month I have sold 8 items so far! May wasn’t bad either!
I’ve got to get busy this morning listing some peg bags!

I wondered if any one else is having a sudden increase in sales?

Amanda xxx


Wow! Well done! I’ve had 0 sales in the last 30 days! At least I don’t have to pay any fees this month :slight_smile:

Chris x

Waft that sales fairy this way :wink:


Well done Amanda that’s brilliant. :grinning:

Karen :cherry_blossom:

Well done! thats great news :slight_smile:

Well done - can you send the sales fairy my direction please :smiley:

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Well done - it’s nice to hear! I have had a mini flurry on my furry mini monster cards (try saying that without pausing for breath…). If you look at my shop’s sold history, it’s nice to see they are all different colour colour backgrounds too - lol.

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@plumporridge its lovely you have seen an increase in sales but am feeling a bit envious. What is your secret?

Well done - and long may it continue. Hope it’s catching!

I’ve looked at your shop. You use some lovely fabric for your makes.

Marie x

Hi all, thought I’d report back because a customer who bought a couple of pairs of hearts from me recently came back and bought 4 more which brought my total to 12 items sold in June.

If I knew a secret to get sales, I would share it with you all, but sometimes it’s just a case of a little bit of luck, like I’ve had with this customer finding me.

On the down side, my Folksy Fees have just come in….!

It has been a bit quiet in the western front hope sales increase for me as I have put on one or two new things of late

Ive had a weird time on Folksy lately… I usually do quite well, then this month had virtually no sales, with sales on the other side larger than ever. then suddenly had 6 sales in about two days. I wondered if they made a change to the searches or something, either way, Im very happy!


I’ve only had a few sales this month, but then I haven’t been listing and promoting much (been on hols, and gotten distracted by decorating and such) - seems to be key for me selling anything, so i better get my backside in gear! it’s really nice when it’s all going well, gives you even more motivation to get stuff done :smile: good on you!

Well done Amanda …June has been my worst month since I started October 2011… but then I spend more time on Facebook at the moment promoting ,than I do here , also I haven’t been listing so many items as I usually do … But on Etsy I have done a lot better … it is just the way it goes sometimes !

Gerda x