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Anyone else seen a jump in sales?

(Caroline Perry) #1

Good evening,

I was wondering if anyone lese had seen a jump in their sales? All of a sudden in the past month I have sold 3 keyrings and 2 sets of coasters, and not just on here. (To me this is a lot!!)

Quite excited about this :smile:

(Rachel) #2

Your shop is lovely no wonder you have had an increase in sales :smiley:

(Diane Mc Kechnie) #3

Snap! I asked the same question under Are your sales picking up? you can see some answers there.

(Karen Ellam) #4

Its always great to hear that sales are picking up.:grinning:
Its reassuring especially when things seem so quiet. There is a glimmer of hope :grinning:

Here’s to many more sales :beers:

Karen :honeybee:

(Caroline Perry) #5

Argh thanks Glehcar.
I think I’ve just commented on your post Diane (whoops!)
Too right Karen.