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January Sales!

Goodness me I have had loads of sales from Folksy this month! I dont’ do any promoting.

Anybody else had a surge of sales?

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Yes I am always reasonably busy in January which always surprises me after the Xmas excesses but this month I really am rather busy…

A good way to check against previous year quickly is to compare the figure on the fees and my January 2020 is now higher than any for last 4 years and it isn’t over until the fat lady sings (not me, I’m on a pre holiday diet). xx


lol! I will just go and check

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Sadly not - nothing for me this month but then I have been busy doing overtime at work and not doing much making or promoting. Glad things are going well for you though :slight_smile:


Nothing for me so far on Folksy this month, but I’ve just had a few on the other side so I’m hoping they start again on here soon.


I’m always surprised too Joy on how busy January is - I always put it down to little ones being given money for Christmas and buying clothes for their dolls.


Ive done no promoting either!

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the otherside is busy too for me

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I am thinking maybe the card shops havent got a wide selection of cards at this time of year so customers are going online

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I think that sales in January must be reasonable for others too.
I just added up my sales for the last 7 days and they came to £211… That would often get me onto the front page, top 3 of the best sellers but I’m on 10th…

@folksycontent I thought that the stats would give me my 7 day sales figure but the amount it showed looked too high and sure enough it includes postage… that makes it a rather meaningless figure… especially as I refunded combined postage on a couple of the orders… … could that Revenue figure be more meaningfully changed to be Sales pretty please. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Since joining this site on 1 September, I have only had one sale.

In a few days’ time that will be a statistic of ONE sale in FIVE months.

You sound so accusing. Have you followed the fantastic and helpful advice on this forum to help you attract potential customers. I see you have some social media links but you don’t follow anyone.

I had three sales last week which is excellent for me


Hi Joy, I wasn’t accusing you of anything, I was just joining the conversation with my statistic.

Goodness I didn’t even suggest it was a personal accusation I meant accusing the world in general.

That’s brilliant. :slight_smile: @PoppyKayDesigns Perhaps you could take a look at JollySmall’s IG page where she has a link to her Folksy shop and follows 1200+ people and has a reciprocal following. Social media promotion obviously works well as I and many others on here continue to suggest .

Hi Joy, I wasn’t accusing the world of anything either. The person who started this conversation asked if anyone had a surge in sales and I was just joining the conversation.

You seem to take my contributions in a negative way when all I am doing is joining in and sharing.

Getting back to the topic of this conversation, Instagram doesn’t let you upload anything from your computer so it doesn’t work for me. I am on Twitter and I put out a Tweet every day and I do get people retweeting my tweets. I also have a Pinterest where people are saving my pins.

I am trying to be helpful. I have sales. I have followers on all my social media and, as is only fair, I also follow quite a lot of people too. The idea is to get as many people to see your work as you can because if they do not know you are there they are not going to find you and they are not going to buy anything.

This started as a lovely positive encouraging post and had several positive responses but I’m sorry if I misread your’s but it jumped out of the page at me as totally negative. Maybe it was the capitalised words.

I will leave my advice here as it is good advice. It is up to anyone to choose to follow it or not.