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Sum Up Card Reader

(Sally Beesley) #1

Hi, has anyone used a Sum Up card reader to take card payments at Craft Fairs etc? I have one but haven’t tried it out yet.

(Helen Smith) #2

I have one but I haven’t used it; in the end I went with an iZettle instead and have been really pleased with it.

(Lisa Harrison) #3

Not had the chance to use mine yet either. The actual reader is limited in what cards it can take, when I went to test it, I couldn’t use my visa debit in it

(Joy Salt) #4

I can’t see any point as I so rarely have a signal on my phone, even to make a phone call ,so no way to use one. Give me a year until i’ve changed mobile provider to one which actually provides a viable system and I may be back here asking for advice as well.

(Alison Deegan) #5

Thanks for starting this thread Sally, I was about to ask the same thing! I haven’t had a need to use mine yet but will do at the end of the month. I did get an email recently stating that deposits would be made a bit quicker but would love to hear from any one with hands-on experience.



(Lois Bell) #6

I got the Sum Up one - had to buy a new phone to make it work as my Blackberry isn’t compatible, but i’m pleased with it.

I looked at izettle but I just couldn’t get it to work - can’t remember now what was up. However, I’m happy to use the Sum Up

(Sally Beesley) #7

Thanks all! I think I will give it a go at the craft fair and see how I get on, I’ll let you know! Strange if you can’t use Visa debit in it though!

(Bojanglies) #8

I have one, but it doesn’t work with my phone, so I’ve never used it either!

(Angela R Connah) #9

I have an iZettle and am really pleased that I got one. I use it with a tablet if I can connect to wifi or my iPhone if I can’t.
I did a 3 day event last weekend and 80% of my sales were on credit card so it has more than paid for itself. They pay the funds quickly too, usually within 2 days.


(Tracey Harriman) #10

I’ve been thinking about getting a card reader… I attempted to get a paypal one, but the app wouldn’t work on my phone. A few fellow crafter friends of mine use izettle so I may give that one a go.

(Kylie Tilley) #11

I havent got one but my friend has and she said it made it alot easier for her as most people that bought off her stall didnt have change

(Sally Beesley) #12

Thanks everyone! I think I’ll give it a go and if it’s no good might invest in an iZettle

(Helen Smith) #13

The iZettle has come down in price hugely, I saw an offer for £39 the other day so if you decide to get one look around first!

Also, the card reader is not tied to an account so if you know someone who has one you may be able to borrow it to try it out?