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Summer holidays!

Today is finally the day my school break up for summer!!! I was beginning to think it would never get here!! So just have to get through the last few hours of a few lessons and our end of year church service then I’m home free for 7 weeks!!
Plenty to do though!! Allotment needs seriously looking at for one- so hoping for plenty of sunshine!
And of course I have Lino sitting waiting patiently in my studio looking forward to being shaped!! The Lino tools are going to start on their own if I don’t get myself motivated!!

Anyone else in a similar situation now or soon?! What are your plans? :blush:

My only son is 16 and finished his GCSEs so finished for a few weeks. But, I always used to look forward to him finishing school as he is always good company, and managed to work around it all! We’ve been to Cornwall, and hoping to go again for a week, with this fab weather is there anywhere nicer than the U.K.?


The village school where I’m lollipop lady finishes next Friday then we’re going to Cornwall for 2 weeks :slight_smile: Our daughter’s graduation ceremony is on the 20th at Truro cathedral so we’re combining that with our holiday, however we’ve had to apply to High school for permission for our 13yo son to have a half day off as they’re not finishing until dinner time on the Monday (crazy I know but they didn’t have a problem with him not being in school that day) it’s also his 14th birthday the day after the graduation so lots of celebrating to be done :birthday: :cocktail: :beers:

Oh man. Typical though eh?! Bet they’re hardly doing anything on that last morning as well. Glad you’re able to get away though! That sounds great! Congratulations to your daughter too!!

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Totally agree! I love it when the sun is shining. Hope you manage to get away again! :blush:

My little nephew finishes school next Friday too.
He’s so excited and my sister has managed to get a few weeks off work so it should be a really good holiday for him.
The youngest nephew will still be going to nursery on Wednesday so I might even have the older one on his own so we can go on an adventure to the park or town.

He’s so lovely but even more lovely when you are one on one. He is so much fun.


Thank You we’re very proud of her and I’m sure there’ll be a few tears of happines & pride on the day (especially from Daddy :joy:) My son said that all they do on the last day is watch films/play games so it’s not like he’s missing much (in fact I’m sure it’ll be much more educational for him to see what his sister’s hard work at Uni has gained her)
Hope you have a fun 7 week break :slight_smile:

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Yep. I totally agree!! We have to have the kids in school for so many hours a year. On the last day of the school year we always go to the church on the sea front which is about a 5 minute walk away and then after the service we come back to school when all the kids have lunch- then they’re with their form tutors for the afternoon- we try and break it up by having an achievements assembly in the afternoon as well, but in an ideal world we’d just finish in the afternoon I think- though not ideal for a lot of parents but it wouldn’t usually be a problem for senior school kids. But if we did that, then we’d have to make up those lost hours somewhere else in the year. So a bit of a pain really.
I totally agree though- I think your son will get a lot more from seeing his older sisters hard work pay off at her graduation! A proud day for him as well! :blush:
I hope it’s a lovely day for you all! :blush:

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Here in Derbyshire we still have another 9 school days to go! It’s been a really long half term, the kids have had enough, and as for us teachers, well…

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It does seem to have been a long time since May half term, however looking at next years list on our council website I see they don’t finish until the 26th July in 2016 they must not go back until nearly the middle of September that year!

I’m planning to have a great summer, before my daughter goes away to Exeter Uni in September, I shall miss her loads. My son’s busy working his industrial year, so, unfortunately no time off for him.

Ah, we break up on the 14th of July next year- but we’re an academy and always get an extra week in the summer and in October but that’s because we finish school a bit later each day- so it makes 2 weeks up along the way.
Long half terms are always hard work- just keeping the kids focussed is challenge enough without it being almost the summer hols!! It will be worth it in the end!! :blush::blush:

Hope everyone has a lovely summer! This is always my favourite time of year & I always look forward to it and make loads of plans. Though today I think I am just going to relax for part of it- and get the house in order for the other part- I have neglected it quite a lot over the last couple of weeks.