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Hi there!

My name is Joanna and I have just begun to advertise my Compañera Ragdolls on Folksy. I currently only have three dolls listed however you can check out my social media accounts for additional dolls and photographs

If you have the time I would really appreciate any comments or feedback on my shop and products, thank you in advance to any who take the time to do this.

I would love to connect with other crafters via social media accounts. If you have twitter or Instagram please leave your details below and when I have time I will follow as many as I can. I love to see what other crafters are creating :purple_heart:

My twitter handle is @CRagdolls and my Instagram username is companionragdolls

I look forward to following your journeys and wish you all the best with your handmade businesses xx

My Folksy Shop:blush:

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Hello Joanna, if you’re really serious about selling from Folksy I would suggest you have a link from your Facebook page to your folksy shop, and the same goes for your instagram account. You only have 3 listings, presumably because the 1st 3 are free! You need a lot more in you’re shop to make it a success. There are a couple of pages on Facebook set up by folksy sellers, to showcase your work. They are very friendly, and will help you out when necessary. Hope this helps :blush:

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Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

I love your shop! So colourful and beautiful :blush:


Hi Joanna
Your dolls look lovely, I have just looked at them on Instagram!
I have followed you on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook
You could join “Best of Folksy” on Google+ where you can show your latest listings with links to your Folksy shop

Do you have a Pinterest account, that is quite good for showing off your work too!

Here are my links if you fancy following any of them,
On Instagram I am … bolshie_alice and masquerade_mad …I have two accounts to separate my two shops.

On Folksy I mix all my makes together in the one shop…but on Etsy I have two shops, one for masks and one for crowns etc…

You can also find me on Facebook and my other page is
You definitely need to add more to your shop and just keep net working! :smiley:

Hi Joanna,

Welcome to Folksy, I’ve found and followed you on Twitter and Instagram :slight_smile:
Here are my links

don’t know if you’re on Facebook?

Tina x

Thanks for that, I have found and followed :slight_smile: It’s such an interesting idea, I love the flower garlands.

Likewise thank you for all the advise. Lots for me to think about and improve on, I really appreciate it x

Thanks Tina!

Your work is beautiful. I have followed you back and look forward to viewing your future designs :slight_smile: x

My Facebook page is called Compañera Ragdolls - I’m not just so comfortable using it as the others, still trying to figure out how to use it :wink:

Thank you Joanna, I’ll pop over to find you on facebook, yes I also am not as easy with facebook, not sure how it works either, but I try :smiley:

Tina x

Your dolls are really beautiful. I also love the way you have presented them. I sew myself so appreciate the work that has gone into them.

I am only recently getting into Folksy too. I have only sold two items so far and am also trying to get to grips with Instagram! Any comments about my shop would also be appreciated. I would love to increase my sales.

Thanks, Joanna. I will love your shop, if I can work out how to do it!

Thank you for such kind words! It really encourages me whenever anyone says they like my dolls, especially when it is so hard to get a sale.

I have followed you on Instagram :slight_smile: I particularly like the photos of your stalls, it’s an eye-catching table and looks really good. Have you sold much at the craft fairs?

It’s finding the right sort of sale. I have done four now. The first two were really good, but they were at art exhibitions. The next one was for a toddler singing group and I didn’t sell anything as the toddlers all got upset with each other. In hindsight it was the wrong venue. Then I tried and Oakleigh Fair sale, which was the first time i paid significant amounts for the table. It wasn’t worth it. I did make a profit, but not very much.
I need to find a better and more consistent way to sell really.
How about you? What are you up to next?

Okay, that’s really interesting. I hope you find the right place for yous, your products themselves are great and like I said, your displays are lovely.
I feel the same, I just need to find the right sort of place to sell. I’ve been to two markets now, one was outside on a day when the weather was awful and it was no surprise I didn’t sell anything! The next one was a farmer’s market and plenty of people attended but I was put in a secluded old barn with another lady and no one really came in :frowning: So I won’t be going back there again. Both times I paid a lot for a table and both days were quite discouraging so I haven’the booked any more in yet. Since the farmer’s market last month I’ve been trying to advertise more online. I use Folksy, Etsy, Ebay and obviously social media for promotion however I haven’t had any sales yet. Honestly I’m not sure what to do now or if I can even to afford to continue in the months ahead! It’s a bit of a waiting game at the moment and I’ll just keep trying :slight_smile:

Daisy :slight_smile: @DaisyWings I found you on your FB page!!! Loved and shared on my timeline. Ria

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Thank you so much Ria :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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