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The dreaded dental check up arrives :0(

(Karen Ellam) #1

Good morning Folks, and what a glorious morning it is. Not a cloud in the sky.

I’ve just got back from my routine dental checkup. I must admit when I got up this morning my nerves were jangling terribly.
I don’t know why I get so nervous.
There was a different dentist today, a lady. She was nice and put me at ease whilst doing the usual checking, and then wham… She asked me to bite down on a X-ray pad thingie on a stick. Well I’ve had trouble with these before so I must have looked mortified…lol
I did give it a try and mentioned to her that I just can’t bite down on it without feeling like I’m choking on the contraption. I then go into panic mode. The gadget really hurts the gums too. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
She didn’t push the issue and said not to worry it was just a record update, but I can’t help now feeling like a big failure with not having it done.

I’m going to put the kettle on now and try to relax before I go to work. :smiley:


(Margaret Jackson) #2

Sorry to hear you’ve had a stressful morning! Yes, the x-ray gadget thingy does hurt the gums, fortunately it doesn’t last too long. Don’t worry about not having it done, it’s just a routine things to check to see that everything is OK with your teeth, some issues can only be noticed with an x-ray.

Maybe next time you could have another go?

I’ve been to the dentist so many times and been through so many treatments, including a dental implant, that I’ve become a bit immune to going to the dentist. I do prefer dealing with dentists I know rather than strangers though. Hope you can put this behind you and enjoy the rest of your day.

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(Eileens Craft Studio) #3

Oh dear I hope you feel more relaxed now. I would ask if they have a smaller version for you to use.

Or maybe have 2 done one half of your mouth then the other half that way the bit going into your mouth wouldn’t fill your entire mouth at once and make you feel like your are going to choke.

I bet like me your mouth isn’t huge so anything going into it needs to be the ‘right size’.

Your no failure, your dentist should have offered an alternative to they do have smaller ones for smaller mouths.

I’m like you I get all nervous before dentist and have even been skakey and light headed. Mine always says if you feel extremely nervous so you almost in panic mode with lightness of head and skakiness. Take a deep breath or two and a glucose table then get comfortable in the seat. Your blood sugar levels go down when you get too nervous and panicky.

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(Roz) #4

I’m a real coward at the dentist. The X-rays hurt my mouth, cleaning sets all my nerves on edge and just keeping my mouth “wide” open long enough for a check up gives me a sore jaw and a raging headache! Luckily my sister is a dentist and although she lives a long way away if I need anything major done I get it done under sedation. I have just cancelled my routine check up as I am away when they wanted to see me and guess what…I haven’t rebooked yet!

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(Karen Ellam) #5

I feel a lot better now it’s all behind me, and I feel less annoyed with myself.

I will definitely try again with the X-ray gadget Margaret @Louisa15 :smiley:
I’m not one for giving up and I will ask next time if they have a smaller bite plate as Eileen @EileensCraftStudio suggests :smile:
I never remember having this problem before I had my tonsils removed, and also feeling really anxious doesn’t help.

You are lucky Roz @Rozcraftz having a dentist in the family.
I always have to pluck up the courage to book my appointment and I’m naughty and leave it about 8 or 9 months rather than 6 :frowning:

Time for a quick spot of lunch now. I can’t believe how hot it is today. I got in my car earlier and it hurt to touch the steering wheel :sunny:


(Grimm Exhibition) #6

I know how you feel, I used to like the dentist I had a great report from dentists in my early years, then the fizzy pop took over and my teeth have physically crumbled.

I also hate those side xray plates, I feel like Im choking too. Have any of you had that weird mouth spreader thing so they can take a full photo of your teeth from the front? Its worse than the xray plates.

While im here I must ask you all to tell your kids not to have too many acidic drinks, my 2 front teeth are in an awful state. They look ok at the moment but they feel different, I just very carefully ate a very crusty roll for lunch as I felt like my teeth may snap off, and I also shouldnt really drink anything other than water which is not a nice thought o have for the rest of my days, none of it is a nice way to feel.

(Minerva) #7

Yeap, that X-ray thingie is rather large and unformfortable! I just try to tell myself, ‘this is only going to last a few seconds a year’. By the time I finish the thought it’s over!

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(Karen Ellam) #8

Crikey, when I read the part about the weird mouth spreader gadget I cringed @GrimmExhibition
I think I would need holding down :wink:


(Tina Martin) #9

dentist? Yuk!

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(Lowri of Twinkle and Gloom Art) #10

I don’t envy anyone who has to go to the dentist.
I left it a while after my parents didn’t have to force me to go anymore. They’re horrible places, having said that now I’ve started going again, I’ll be making sure I go. My mouth is really small so it’s a bit of a strain when they need to get to the back… I have a wisdom tooth coming through at the moment and I’m dreading that going wrong. Ugh… dentists.

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(Karen Ellam) #11

I’m dreading getting wisdom teeth @twinkleandgloomart I think I would have to be knocked out before the dentist got near :wink: