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Tired by very thankful for my dentist

(Eileens Craft Studio) #1

I’ve just had a dental operation so have a number of stitches in my gum. Had I not had my 6monthly check up I could have lost 2 or more perfect teeth as they would have simply dropped out.

The reason being the dentist not only looks for decay in your teeth and healthy gums but they can spot ‘other’ mouth related things as well.

In my case cist in the bone of the jaw. :open_mouth: This causes the jaw to died back ie form holes which means the root of the tooth has nothing to hold onto and will eventually come loose and fall out. :open_mouth:.
Yep a can happen to a perfect tooth.

I had one of those bone cists picked on a x-ray around a perfect tooth.

Thank you Mr Dentist so thankful even if I hate going to the dentist.

Mind you I do now feel a wee bit light headed and rather exhausted.

(Sasha Garrett) #2

I hate needles so the thought of your op send shivers down my spine. I make sure that I go and see my nice dentist on a regular basis to avoid the need for anything major and this just confirms that it is worth it. Take it easy until all the drugs are out of your system and don’t forget to eat/ drink even though your mouth might not think this is a good idea.

(Christine E.) #3

Wow, Eileen, that sounds like a wake-up call for me! I haven’t been going back for my regular checkups as things seem OK, but perhaps they’re not! Hope you’re feeling better soon!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

Christine this is a big issues many people don’t have regular check ups and a dental clean at the dentist so when little problems are starting they don’t get picked up.

A large amount of people only go to the dentist when it’s an ‘emergency’ when the problem has become acute and will mean more work for the dentist, more expense to the patient and also puts the patients overall health at risk. Heart disease being the worst that can happen with prolonged untreated teeth and gum problems :open_mouth:

(Karen Ellam) #5

Oh Eileen it’s good that was picked up in a check up and sorted for you. Does sound painful though :neutral_face:

I absolutely hate going to the dentists. I get so scared and I don’t know why because when I’m there I’m fine. It’s the build up to going that I find an ordeal.
I have a check up due at the end of June and no doubt I will be a dithering wreck when it gets closer :frowning:
It never gets any easier.

Hope your feeling better soon


(Eileens Craft Studio) #6

Thank you Karen I’m just a bit sluggish to day with a partially swollen face on one side. No pain thankfully.

I admit I’ve learnt that as soon as I’m in the dentist chair thingie for the check up I have to close my eyes and make myself relax as I catch myself clutching the arms and tensing up my body.

It helps a lot and he has the radio on so I concentrate on the what’s on the radio.

I do the same when the lady does the clean and polish otherwise I get very uptight and then will come the butterflies, feeling apprehensive and jumpy.

All the best with your check up at the end of the month.