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The kindness of jewellery suppliers!

(Anne Hathaway) #1

Very surprised on Thursday to get a call from my local Boots to say that they had a parcel for me to collect - sent from Israel! A massive shout out to Ceylon Gems ( based in Tel Aviv, who found a carrier bag I lost at Olympia at International Jewellery London in September among their stuff when they got home. They spotted (among the things in the bag) the paperwork from an order I’d just picked up from Boots in Richmond on my way to IJL - and took the initiative and trouble to send it back. Thrilled. What kindness.

And now I can make some things with the strands of lovely stones I’d bought at IJL and had given up for lost!

(Ali Millard) #2

Aww, that’s a fab story :0)

(Roz) #3

Just goes to show there are some kind people out there - I had a similar experience a couple of years ago when I got a call from my local council saying a lady from America had been in touch - she had found my daughters purse that she had lost while on an exchange visit to the states (nothing much of value in it) and had found her school bus pass. Turned out the lady in question was a friend of the exchange girls grandmother and purse and daughter were reunited!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

Wonderful :smile:

What great people to try and get lost items back to their owners.

(Helen Healey) #5

This is great to hear. Just the kind of story that restores your faith in Human nature.

(Elaine) #6

Wow, how lovely that they went to so much trouble to track you down - always good to hear such stories.


(Sarah Lambert) #7

What a lovely outcome, it gives you a lovely warm feeling when things like that happen.

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(Karen Ellam) #8

That’s lovely news. Have fun with your strands of stones :blush:


(Helen Clifford) #9

Wow. That’s not only thoughtful, but also really decent to go to the trouble to arrange all that. Great service!

(Tina Martin) #10

Great new, lovely!

(Leslie Morton) #11

I knew my faith in mankind wasn’t misplaced.

I once left my wallet at a RSPB hide in Scarborough. When we got home the next week there was a message on the phone that someone had turned it in intact! I wish I hadn’t cancelled all my cards but you can’t have everything!

Nice outcome, Anne