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There are some really honest people out there

(Marg) #1

My O.H. discovered that his wallet was missing, we had travelled by bus to shop. As his bus pass is in his wallet, he must have thought he had put it in his inside jacket pocket, but missed.

Anyway we cancelled everything straight away at the bank. We went to the bus office and it was there, handed in by a fellow traveller. We were so lucky.
So I thank the person, for being so honest, he is really a star, unfortunately he didn’t leave his name.
Needless to say I am going to get my hubby one of those bus pass holders, so he doesn’t make a mistake again. Better to have it away from his wallet.

(Jan Ryan) #2

It’s really scary when we lose things, it’s that horrible sinking feeling in the stomach. I’m glad he got it back safely. I’m a firm believer that there are a lot more honest and decent people than the not so nice. It’s a great idea to have the pass seperate to the wallet, a good excuse to go shopping :slight_smile:

(Rachel) #3

That’s so lovely to hear about.

(Minerva) #4

That’s a good end to the story. Some people don’t get that fortunate.

So far, I have found…2 bank cards, 1 credit card, 1 student ID and 1 library card. I’ve turned them all in…one bank card fell off the pocket of the person in front of me, so she didn’t have to stress at all and it was New Year’s Eve.

There are some people out there with Principles. It’s good to know. But we have to be careful with these things and keep them safe.

(Joy Salt) #5

I agree - there are lots of honest people out there. The press only tells us about the dishonest ones.

A couple of years ago I got to the checkout in Tesco to find no wallet in my handbag. Pretty sure I hadn’t dropped it while shopping but after a check back at and in the car, I went back into the store and walked all the aisles looking for it before reporting to customer services.
Then went back to the car, a ‘bit’ upset, where OH was waiting with his “you are careless” expression on his face.
Got home and phone was ringing.

It was the man who drove into our parking spot just after we left.
He had noticed my wallet on the floor and found my card in the wallet with phone number… Wallet must have fallen out and just under the car as I got out.
(OH was supposed to have checked all round the car but was obviously too busy huffing and puffing at my carelessness).

Wonderful honest man dropped my wallet off at our house 15 minutes later. What a star.

(Sarah Lambert) #6

I’ve had both sides of the coin happen to me. A few years ago I was in our local town going to pay some of my very meagre wages into the back, I had the dog I dogsat with me as it was a hot day I couldn’t leave him in the car and he pulled me making some things tip out of my bag (my fault as I hadn’t zipped it up) I gathered them all up in the little back street where we were but couldn’t find the purse. This guy rushed past me and jumped in his car and sped off. I can’t prove it was him, but he looked shifty and the purse with all my cards and cash was just… gone forever.

On the brighter side, I lost my card wallet in the same town this year and retraced my steps about a week later, the manager of one of the shops produced my card wallet from their safe bless him, and bless the customer who handed it in. :smile: Bought them some chocs to thank them.

(Louise Foot) #7

How lovely. It’s my experience that most people are honest, i’m glad they were on this occasion too. I once lost my passport on khao San Rd in Bangkok & even that got handed in

(Christine E.) #8

When I was a child in the late fifties (about nine) I found a diary and some things on the pavement. I took them to the police station (which handily was next to my school). Later the man who’d lost them came round to my house with a box of chocolates for me (although I refused to go to the door because I was shy). Even now I would go out of my way to get lost things back to their owners ( not because I expect a reward!). I know there are bad people out there but I’m happy to believe most of us want to help each other…Lovely to hear other people’s stories when a tiny minority of people are causing so much pain in the world…(sings) All you need is love, da da dada da!..

(Lowri of Twinkle and Gloom Art) #9

All these stories of honestly are lovely.
My mam left her bank card in the cash point at the bank once, she went around all the shop before noticing and then it was panic stations. Someone very nice had taken it into the bank. Very nice.
I also left my phone on a bench in a campsite once, someone lovely took it to the lost and found.

If I find anything like that I always take it somewhere that I hope the owner can find it, I like to believe someone would do the same for me, so I should do it too.

(Amberlilly) #10

You hear of so much bad stuff that the good stories are buried! Apparently it’s quite common for things to be handed it. I heard it somewhere? News? Facebook? Can’t remember now! But, that more things were handed in then not!

(Joy Salt) #11

I discovered to my delight today that I am very honest too. Twice.

First in Tesco - buying lottery and said “shouldn’t that be £6 ?” when she charged me only £4 - as she mis-scanned something.

Next in Poundstretcher where I had a 5p ready to pay for my bag on top of the other things which were exactly £1 each. “Shouldn’t the total end in 5p” ? I said.
Ssshh she said - obviously far too much effort in a £1 shop to give change for amounts ending in 0.05 !

(Marg) #12

Some lovely stories, thanks. I think with all the stress of moving my husband wasn’t concentrating. I wish I could thank the man who found my hubby’s wallet, but he didn’t leave a name or anything. I am sure hubby will be extra careful in the future.