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Top tips to create sales

(Twigwams) #1

Hello. I’ve only recently joined Folksy and I’m wondering what everyone does to actually get some sales? I know my products DO sell - I’ve been doing craft fairs for years - but so far on Folksy, nothing worth shouting about.
If you don’t mind sharing some tips, I’d be very grateful for any advice.

(Diane Burton) #2

Promote, promote and then promote some more, Facebook, Twitter, Craftjuice, Pinterest, and anywhere else you can think of (must admit to only doing Facebook which might explain why my sales have been dire on here for a while!) Like you I find my cards sell at craft fairs and I get orders from family but online not so good.
Good Luck :smile:

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #3

Find your target audience, and promote to them. Once you’ve found who to promote to and where works best for you, stick mainly to putting your efforts into that, with just occasional presence elsewhere. No good promoting to people who aren’t interested, it just wastes valuable creating time :slight_smile:

(Sasha Garrett) #4

Make sure you have plenty of business cards with your folksy shop web address so that people can pick up and take away with them as a reminder if they need to buy things from you inbetween your fairs. A good photo of one of your pieces of work on the card helps jog the memory as to why people have the card. A blank back to the card means that if someone is thinking about an item you can jot down the details on the back for them (useful for people who want to drop unsubtle hints about what they want as a present to someone else).

(Cade & Co Design) #5

I’m struggling with this too. I think mine is down to not targeting my audience sufficiently well (or in my case if I am truly honest not really understanding how to find out who my target audience is). I have signed up for google analytic but haven’t got the first clue how to use it! I’ve also realised that my photos are rubbish so I’m going through bit by bit re-taking them. Many users have been really helpful & given me some fantastic tips. So my biggest piece of advice is to make full use of forums! I have had a look at your shop & I love your banner & your pictures look good. Being ultra critical a couple aren’t square formatted which means that you have lost some of the picture in your thumb nails. On other threads there are items on how to avoid this; I have to admit I am guilty of this too so have a lot of work still to do! Good luck with it all.

Debby xx

(Angela Gladstone ) #6

Like you I have only recently joined Folksy.
Again I know my things sell at craft fairs but sales on here have been few. I will read all the info here and see if there’s anything that can help

(Amberlilly) #7

I’ve only recently started filling my shop, I’m up to 80 now and really pleased to get to this number. I am hoping more in my shop will help with search. Facebook is a waste of time for me, I find twitter bring in the odd view. I have very few sales though, unfortunately, but I have no doubt people do sale loads on here, you just need to find your best promoting place.

(Ruta Lauzikaite) #8

Be active on social media, post on other blogs, forums. It is really hard work to get yourself out there. I wish we could just open the shop and the sales would start instantly. oh well :smile:

(Grace Gatley) #9

Hello! I’m new to Folksy too… have just come over from… the other side! It’s a whole other kettle of fish over here isn’t it?! I feel like I’ve got things down over there, but I here everything is different and scary! I’ve only listed a few items at the minute, but finding it a bit overwhelming! So much work to do! x

(Cade & Co Design) #10

Hadn’t heard of craftjuice so thanks for the tip!

Kind Regards Debby

(Cade & Co Design) #11

Can you advise on how to best find your target audience? I’ve got Google Analytics but haven’t got the first idea how on earth to use it. I’ve had a look at it all but I’m not the most computer literate of people so trying to get to grips with it is frustrating. I have Pinterest, Twitter & Facebook but again they are all a bit of a mystery as to how to target the best people. I have got some Twitter followers but I’m never too sure exactly what to Tweet. I used to Tweet Pin & FB everytime I listed an item but I figured that was a bit boring. So now on my Pinterest Boards I mix my stuff in with other peoples so that people don’t just ignore my boards as ruthless self promotion; more a tool to get people interested in me as a person who happens to make things that I occasionally show to others but I’m not sure if this is the idea? Any tips would be really appreciated as I currently work full time & would really like to either be able to work part time or be full time doing things that make me smile.

Kindest Regards Debby

(Suzzie Godfrey) #12

Hello Debby, not that I can do much either! but I had a look at your shop and there isnt a link between it and your pinterest boards, so me as a fellow Folksy person cant see what makes you tic. I too mixed my things on my boards so people can either go to my Folksy board or find me mingled in with my idea boards, like you not sure if it works but …
ps if you work out how craftjuice works please let us know in plain English, as i havent a clue.
Suzzie x

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #13

For me I chat to people on animal forums, as my work is animal themed. I follow animal people on Twitter, and try and get animal people to follow me (I don’t spend much time on there yet as I haven’t got the time at the moment). On Facebook I chat in animal groups. I don’t over promote - if someone likes my work they share it in groups etc, and then I get more orders. I also don’t use my FB page just for promoting - I chat about what I’m up to, talk about my bunnies etc.

With your work, I would say target wedding pages/groups etc, but also fantasy/fairy enthusiasts - your tiaras are lovely, and would be really popular for either of those audiences. Join groups, get to know people first, and then let them know what you make - I’m sure once word gets out about those gorgeous tiaras the orders will come flooding in :slight_smile:

(Cade & Co Design) #14

Thank you for your kind advice, I’ll get my kids to help me track down these groups & nudge myself in. The kids are far better at using social media than me! I did offer my 17 year old daughter the post of Social media manager (grand title I know) but in her best teenage angst poise she said “what the heck would I say about your stuff?” Still hopefully she can show me how to find these various different interest groups. So pleased you like my tiaras. Mum & I love making them!

Kindest Regards Debby