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Totally new to Folksy top tips really appreciated

hi there like I said in topic name I am a total Folksy newbie any suggestions how to get my page viewed? xx

Promote it as much as you can.
Add the URL to everything you do online (emails etc) and join in a lot on the forums :slight_smile:

Good luck


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Hi MissMagpie, welcome to folksy and the forums!

There’s a topic devoted to top tips for new sellers pinned to the top of the shop talk category, you can find it here

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Thanks will look now xx

Hi I’m new to Folksy and am looking for advice on promoting my shop and selling techniques. I haven’t had a sale yet but it is early days. I regularly visit the forums looking for tip and have seen references to google+ and craftjuice. Can you tell me what these are and how they help with promoting your shop. thanks

A small business can use the social media to tap the “niche” users. Depending on the products on offer and the target audience, you need to aptly plan your social media campaign to get maximum potential buyers to your estore - build that traffic to your business.

Remember the following:

  1. Select appropriate networks - FB, Twitter & Instagram work best if you have a good number of followers. But if you don’t have that number, its best to start with product discovery networks like Pinterest / Wanelo / Fancy /Shopcade. They have MILLIONS of users who like to explore new products, and could give your small business the appropriate start.

  2. Use proper hashtags - For your campaigns to hit the right audience (your potential customers), its most important that you use proper hashtags

  3. Engage your customers - present as well as potential - Keep the information flowing, continuously! Like new product launches, sale offers, time bound discounts, etc. The customers should be receiving regular updates so that your “small business” grows and becomes a “brand” to be reckoned with. This is possible with top of mind recall through repeated social media marketing campaigns.

The more is your reach / promotion, greater is the traffic to your site, larger is the number of potential buyers you are able to garner for your estore and hence higher is the probability of conversion to sales!

You can use Social media marketing aiding apps to make this experience easy for you. Outfy app ( Social media marketing, management, analytics for e-commerce) can be a good option, as you only need to connect your store and your networks once, and then just plan out the campaigns. Its easy, quick and effective - as scheduling can be done well in advance - even for time slots when you are maybe not even at your desk! Its available to try out for free, without any monthly commitment. Even the “paid” options are very reasonable. They have the unique “pay per use” concept - so you get the best value for your money, at a huge time saving!

Must try!