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Tour de France

(Selador) #1

Hi everyone!
Haven’t been here for a couple of years but thought I’d give it another go as always found Folksy very friendly and a nice community. Having got very bored with all the Tour de France stuff over the last few months (I’m no cyclist and work for City of York Council so we’ve been inundated with the Grand Depart) suddenly thought yesterday it would be a shame to not see it so a friend and I headed down to the route today and really glad I did. Lovely cheery atmosphere - lots of families and kids; burly police motorbike riders going very slowly and high fiveing the crowd. When the bikes actually came through it lasted about 20 seconds but it was great to be a foot away from the cyclists. This is a photo of the main event.

(Anne Hathaway) #2

Yorkshire has done a really impressive job - amazing crowds! (and the scenery looks stunning)

(Selador) #3

Yes it has - and the scenery is wonderful in God’s own county as it’s known - and yes, I am biased! :smile:

(Pauline Hayward) #4

Harrogate is my home town where they passed through yesterday. Its a lovely place to be in the summer but not in the winter.


(Little Ramstudio) #5

We’ve seen the Tour de France on numerous occasions when we lived in France and have to say Yorkshire has matched France for the wonderful scenery. That’s one of the reasons we came back to God’s own County, the views can take your breath away :smile:


Yay! We live very near the route and had a fantastic time today watching the race on the way to Holmfirth. We thought we had chosen what would be be a quieter spot but there were so many people and the atmosphere was amazing. Well done Yorkshire for putting on a great show :smile:

(Selador) #7

I feel a bit ashamed now at being so curmudgeonly about it when all the publicity started but so glad I entered into the spirit of it and joined in - well done Yorkshire!

(Laura Long) #8

It was such an amazing atmosphere and Yorkshire looked beautiful! Still celebrating with my flag attached to my handlebars although it got very torn today in the wind!