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Tree of Life has been Trademarked?

How on earth did that happen as it’s a biblical/regilious term?

Seems some Jewellery company in the USA have managed to Trade Mark the term ‘Tree of Life’ for Jewellery.

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That’s ridiculous.
But everyone has gone trademark crazy recently.

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HeeHee, I think I am going to Trademark the word ‘mum’, then my children wont be able to use it constantly, without my consent!! especially in that whiney tone!
Suzzie x


Oh goodness… Whatever next :confounded:

The tree of life seems like such a popular themed piece of jewellery too in the handmade circles.

Is it just the name or the actual necklace design style with twisted wire and gems?

Always some American trademarking something, can we trademark the word “trademark” then sue them all :smiley:


How ridiculous - whatever next? Necklace? Bracelet ? Earrings?

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yep it’s for that particular piece of jewellery whether that’s a a necklace/pendent, bracelet, ear rings anything that you design jewellery wise that contains a tree means you can’t describe it or as Tree of life or say its inspired by Tree of life.

I guess they must have been the one’s to first come up with the concept of making a piece of jewellery to depict the Tree of Life and got to the Trade Mark in time.

Ok thanks Eileen.

Some folks are going to have a lot of editing to do :pensive:

Have they registered it elsewhere other than the US?
I suspect it’ll get challenged anyway, they’ll be loads of big companies with prior examples. You don’t have to be the first company to use something to get a trade mark, you just have to be the first person to apply and not be challenged.

That’s right it’s whoever gets their application in first.

As to is it elsewhere than the USA I don’t know.

Trade marks are localised, they may well have only registered in the US (as is common).

I’m not surprised because under US law, you don’t have to have invented the name or phrase, you just have to be the first person to register it. This design has become very popular recently but has been around forever (I remember using it when I was making Fimo jewellery at the age of 10) and so they want to corner this market all to themselves. When people search for “The Tree of Life” the only retailer that will appear on Google will be theirs.

Love Sam x

I believe that the “Tree of Life” has been trademarked for quite a while now. Just another thing to remove from the list of possible tags, along with quatrefoil, Tiffany blue, onesie etc…

Clogau have a range of jewellery called this that has been around for years! It is a concept as much as anything, law gone crazy me thinks.

Blooming Heck this is a re-occuring theme in my work. If they trademark the word “Hare” too I will go out of business!