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Are there any promotional Folksy twitter hash tags?

I am trying to promote my shop more on Twitter and wondered if there are any Folksy seller group hash tags that people are using to help promote each other?

I think today we are meant to use #folksyfriday :slight_smile:

Yes but isn’t that a blog promotional hashtag? I am wondering if there is one for sellers to use and connect all the time?

The ones we use are:

  • #folksy = general tag when talking about your shop & folksy
  • #newonfolksy = new things on Folksy. I probably didn’t need to explain that one :slight_smile:
  • #folksyfriday = whenever you share something you’ve found on Folksy on a Friday! This one is for everyone not just for bloggers - and we’d love as many of you as possible to use it!
  • #folksyhour = the tag we use for our Twitter chats every Tuesday night between 8-9pm where we set a theme and sellers can talk to each other and us!
  • #folksywip = work you’re making
  • #feelingfolksy = our tag for sharing anything craft-related that makes you happy
  • #studiofolksy = pictures from your studio or workspace

This post is mainly about Instagram tags but might still be useful…


hi - i use #folksyfriday to promote others work on twitter (for example with link to folksy themed pinterest boards)

also use #folksywip and #folksy on twitter

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Great! Thanks Camilla. These will be super useful!
I’ve just joined instagram too so will be reading that blog piece.