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Two prices showing on shop items?

(Little Ramstudio) #1

This morning we seem to have prices listed twice on items appearing in our shop.
The two prices also appear on the front page in the ‘newest items on Folksy’ section. The text is also overlapping and running into each other under the image of the photo. Looks messy…

Anyone else see it?
@Folksyadmin @folksycontent

(Joy Salt) #2

I certainly have 2 prices against each listing but hadn’t really noticed if that was there before or not. Can’t see any text problem on either my page or yours.

(Little Ramstudio) #3

Hi Joy, text problem is just on the front page under the newest item, if it’s a long title then it runs on into the next items text.

(Joy Salt) #4

Ah yes I see it if I change my screen size. I keep this one (my pc) at 90% and it doesn’t show at that - just truncates the titles. I had to CTRL + to get it to overlap.

Oddly it also does the overlap if I CTRL - as well. It seems on my pc it has to be 90% exactly to get the correct display.

(Diane Burton) #5

I can see the 2 prices but I’m not having a problem with text, maybe a gremlin in the works, I wonder if @dougfolksy is doing some tweaking?

(Sally Eira) #6

i saw that this mowning and thought i had just never noticed it before.

i don’t seem to have problem with text though …

(Sasha Garrett) #7

If I look at my shop front I see 2 prices (and have been since the weekend) but if I run a search to find the same items the price only appears once. I had previously seen the overlapping text issue not currently seeing it anywhere but when I ran the above mentioned searches some items that had titles entirely in CAPS or very long shop titles have been given a slightly larger box so there is then a blank space on the line below as it isn’t big enough to get a normal listing in. Run a search for ‘dog print’ and scroll through the first page to see what I mean, the bottom of the page is particularly bad. Hopefully Doug and the technical elves are working on it.

(Oh Button Me) #8

I noticed this the other day but thought it was just my tablet being odd.

(Angela R Connah) #9

I’m also seeing two prices and the first letter of a shop name being detached from the rest of the name when I look under the categories or gift guides.

Maybe it’s my browser (Safari 8.0.7)

(Little Ramstudio) #10

Seems the bugs are taking over :frowning: