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UK Handmade showcase

(Birdandmonkey) #1

I’m very excited that Harvey’s robot will be featuring in the next showcase starting 15 September for 6 weeks, better than that it has a direct link to my Folksy shop so will be great promotion for the site, yeah.

(Ronald Koorm) #2

Very clever idea, jewellery / pendants from children’s drawings ! I think some celebrities and upmarket customers might want some of these, but maybe enhanced with a few precious stones ! You might need to be a bit careful of copyright issues, if you sell pendants of someone else’s kiddie’s drawing, to customers who have no connection with the original drawer. It is of course, your interpretation of the original child’s drawing, in a different material/medium, so probably OK. You could always think about getting the parent of the child to sign a consent to allow you to market the design elsewhere, to avoid problems in future. Just a thought.

(Birdandmonkey) #3

Thank you for your comments. I only sell custom made designs so every piece is unique. I have run a couple of giveaways on my Facebook page to generate designs that can be brought “off the shelf” the winners were aware that the designs would be made available for general sale.
I’d love some celebrity customers that would be fab, not sure how to get them though?