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What is your perfect Valentine's Day?

Hi everyone

I have just started my own blog and I am a currently working on my 2nd blogpost that should hopefully be ready by Friday, entitled something like ‘How to create the perfect Valentine’s Day’.

I was just wondering if anyone could describe their perfect Valentine’s Day, one they have had or one they would like to have, to further my own ideas!!

My blog is:

I’ve spent valentines on safari and been taken out for posh meals, all that sort of thing but the one that truely sticks in my brain is the year that he got me a cubic metre of well rotted manure which was delivered to the front drive and he then shovelled it to the veggie patch in the back garden… topless. I had great fun ‘supervising’ (aka watching with a glass of wine), why buy a girl roses when she an grow her own or is that just me?


Ah @SashaGarrett! The best things in life are free (or at least relatively inexpensive). Can’t see my other half doing this for me. He’d be worried about the neighbours seeing him :laughing:

Love Sam x

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I’m quite easily pleased lol :blush:
I enjoy being whisked out to a lovely restaurant .

After reading @SashaGarrett post I think my husband needs to up the ante a little bit. What a fantastic gift :smile:


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Yes, we would all like a gift that was this thoughtful and personal to us. My husband did used to make me cards, which was pretty thoughtful but I think this may have had a bit to do with not getting to the shops on time!!

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i like it to go ignored :slight_smile: I welcome the few romantic gestures that come during the rest of the year though


We don’t celebrate valentines in our house, we do small gestures throughout the year. I’ll always choose coming home to find the washing and vacuuming done on a random day or a spontaneous meal out when I’ve had a pants day over a bunch of supermarket flowers on Feb 14th. This for me is true romance :slightly_smiling:

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Well said Danielle!!

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Being able to spend it together! We live at opposite ends of the country and depending on whether halfterm hits decides it. Waking up together, just sharing our lives, even the everyday things. Getting the wonderful pressie of a photo cube with LED spot lights! Not romantic to most but something that I really wanted.

It’s our anniversary in less than a month and we do the weekend away/romantic dinner/candles/fizz thing then.

We had a lovely valentines day, it started with a long lie in, then a fry up and to burn that off we spent the day roaming the Shropshire countryside taking photo’s of deer. Perfect :slight_smile: There was much chocolate, perfume and aftershave too lol :grin: