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Unusual Christmas presents

(Helen Dale) #1

I just bought my husband 2 of these for Christmas. Not sure how to wrap them up!!

Anyone else bought/planning to buy some unusual presents this year?

(Minerva) #2

That’s funny! A nice, big bow around their necks will do! :grinning:

(Helen Dale) #3

Wasn’t going to ask the seller to do for when we turned up…but he might think I’m a bit potty!! A big pink bow I thought!?

(Minerva) #4

I’m not sure my gift for everyone this year will be an unusual one…but I’m gifting everyone…my Love.
And that’s it folks!

(Tina Martin) #5

Nothing as unusual as 2 cute pigs! :slight_smile:

(Roz) #6

Oh I love piggies - I would love them as a present :slight_smile: Lucky man.

(GiftsWithGlitz) #7

Wow pigs wish I had the room for them. Im struggling for present ideas this year as I have 4 children under 7 so by the time I have bought for them I have no time for anyone else

(Helen Healey) #8

No way I can top that!! :laughing:

(Sarah Lambert) #9

A motorbike stand? I’d far rather buy him some pigs but no- he insists on a stand for the **main ** love of his life.

I’d be over the moon if someone bought me some guinea fowl :smile:

@HandbagsbyHelen have you though of any names for them yet?

(Helen Dale) #10

No names I’m afraid @plainprimitives. Makes it harder when the time comes to turn them into bacon. We haven’t had to take any of our livestock on a one way journey yet …not sure how that will go!

(Steven Calton) #11

Blankets ? :slight_smile:

(Sarah Lambert) #12

Don’t -I’m currently staring miserably at a pen full of turkeys on death row :disappointed_relieved:

(Helen Dale) #13

Aww, nooooo!!!