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Morning Everyone

I would like to add length with price variations to my ribbons. Is there a way to do this on Folksy? or is it best not to offer a choice, makes it a lot simpler:)

Just thinking of a way to get around variations.

Many Thanks
Natasha x

There aren’t currently drop down menus to select the variation you want on folksy like you can get on other sites. With your ribbons you could perhaps alter the listing so that it is for a 10cm length and state that if they order multiples then then will be sent as one continuous length ie ordering 10 will get a 1m length. That should allow people to order what ever length they want and get charged the right amount.

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Thanks Sasha, I suppose that would be one way of doing the variation. I really wanted to list the ribbons in 2, 3 and 5 metre lengths each with a price, but I see that’s a no go at the moment. A small price to pay with having a shop on Folksy:)

The only way to do that is to do 3 separate listings. You have the plus account so it wouldn’t cost you any more.

Thanks @KB Creations, a good idea. If only Folksy had variations, life would be a lot simpler:)

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There is a plea on the uservoice thing to get variations added

you can add your vote and maybe we’ll get them eventually.

Thanks. Have just voted.

This is still very much at the secret stage, but we might be able to introduce some options very similar to variations. Doug says the easiest way to do it is to add another page after the listing page where you can specify variations and they’ll show up as a dropdown menu on the listing. It wouldn’t work where you had multiple prices etc, but you would be able to specify ‘blue’, ‘red’, ‘large’, ‘small’ etc.

He’s still working on the new checkout (which means shoppers will be able to pay for multiple items from different sellers in a couple of clicks) but I’m pretty sure it’s down as one of his jobs to look at after that. Hopefully that will be useful for you all too.


Its a start and I’m sure will be useful to many but I’d like pricing variations as well because unfortunately my suppliers don’t charge the same for eg a 16/18/20 inch silver chain - I could charge a single price based on the most expensive variant but that some how doesn’t seem fair.

Any sign of this happening soon?

I make some Harris tweed book covers, which can have either a simple notebook, or an academic year diary, or a standard year diary inserted. In my other shops this is a simple dropdown box selection. If I do multiple listings it not only makes the shop look dreadful, but I risk selling the same cover twice.