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Variations - what do you need?

Hello! We’re looking at possible ways introduce variations on Folksy and I’ve been asked to find out more about what you need as sellers so we can see if we can make it happen. So it would be great if you could let me know…

  1. what you need from variations & the minimum that would work for you
  2. the type of items would you need variations for (eg clothing, jewellery etc)
  3. the options you would like to offer variations for, ordered by priority (eg 1. size, 2. material)
  4. how many variations you would need for each item/option

Thank you!


Thanks Camilla!

In common with the other jewellers, I would like a way to vary colour or stone for a standard item, so people could select from maybe 4 options in a list, with the number of items per colour shown so that customers would know if a colour was out of stock.

I would also like a way for customers to select their chain length for pendants, wrist size for bracelets and ring size as I think that customers would be more likely to buy more jewellery from Folksy if they had the confidence that their order would fit them perfectly once it arrived.

Sam, x


yay! you have no idea how many people will be doing the happy dance if you introduce variations. I would like to be able to offer colour variations for some of my earrings, maybe 6 or so options per listing, they would all be at the same price so I would just need for people to be able to pick their prefered colour from a drop down menu.


A fab idea, this would help us all, no end! I create handdrawn and textile gifts. I’d love a variation for size (ideal for my greeting cards), price, colour and postage (for items of different weights and quantities). It’s great to know that Folksy are looking into this. :slight_smile:


I would like colour variations, so I can list one bunny clothes hanger but with a choice of coloured bowties, say maybe up to 4 choices, then I can have the last photo of them all so people can see the colourways.
Suzzie x

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Variations would be brilliant please. For instance I make flower coasters and it would be good for the customer to choose a colour and whether to buy a set of 4 or 6. Same with appliqués to be able to choose a colour and a pack of 5 or 10. So something along those lines would be great.

I would like to off colour options (maybe a choice of around 6-8 colour choices).
Also some size choices, I would only need a couple of variations on this as the price would change for larger sizes.
These would be mainly for clothing items, which I would like to do more of, but may also be used for my other items where people could chose from a few colours of fabric.

Hi there what a good idea this is. I make jewellery and sometimes I need variations in colour or size, eg length of chain or colour of ribbon

I think there could be two levels of variation eg a different colour and a different length of chain but to have at least 5 different variations within each level.

Thank you and I hope this is of help.


This is very timely, I wasn’t going to renew my Plus account because the lack of variations made it too time-consuming to make Folksy work for me. Any ideas when this might be implemented?

There are a few different variations I’d like to see:

  • Size - so I could label as S/M/L but also accompany each with dimensions
  • Dimensions
  • Model - I do phone cases so it would be great to be able to list the different models

I’m also going to be doing canvas prints in different sizes and depths, so if it would be possible to have two sets of variations on one listing that would be really helpful.

If you could just have it so one could choose the values in a given list of variations, that would be a great start.


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Size we really need different sizes for t shirts we rely on the customer remembering to tell us what they want. A dropdown menu for sizes would be fantastic.

Quantity, size/age and colour variations please.

I do hats that come in either 4 standard sizes (s,m,l,xl) or they go by age (newborn,0-3m,3-6m) etc

Colour options I could fit into fairly generic options such as red, blue, green, etc

I also offer coasters but would like to be able to offer set quantities such as a set of 2, 4 or 6

I think it may be pushing it to also be able to ask for stock quantities of each variation, but this would be helpful for customers especially if they are wanting to order more than 1.

I am happy to review my pricing but my prices tend to go up by size if it is possible to show this that would be great.

Oh variations would be awesome!

Would be ideal if we could specify what the variation is and not premades like size or colour, but if that’s not feasible…

I’d like variations such as size, length and colour - and if they could have different prices attached that would be super-awesome

  • Size would be used for rings - typically there might be up to 38 different sizes that customers can choose as there is half sizes and I sell both to small women and large handed men.

  • Length is for chains

  • Colour would be used for stones, ribbons, and whether an item should be oxidized or not.

  • Seller specified - such as charge extra for an inscription inside, include chain with pendant and odd bits like that.

Thank you thank you!


Great News :slight_smile:

I sell prints so it would be great to have variations for size such as A4, A3 etc

I also like to be able to offer framed or unframed prints.


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Jewellery: colour or finish and a chain length for pendants please! It would be nice to have 2 variations for an item, e g pendant with a choice of colour stone AND a choice of chain length.

That would be fabulous!

Thanks Camilla, I was only thinking about variations today, when I listed some ribbon and had to say in my listing to add a note to seller regarding which colour buyers wanted.

Length how many metres of ribbon


Price this would be various prices that would match length of ribbon

Thank you again Camillia.

Great that you’re looking at this Camilla.
Here it’s the facility to have different colour options.
Looking forward to what happens next :slight_smile:

This is exciting :slight_smile: I mainly use variations for the type of necklace or length of necklace to go with a pendant, for example leather, chain, cord, and 18" or 20" etc.

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This is great. For me it would be as others have already mentioned. Colour and size.

ooh this would be brilliant!
for my illustrations / prints I would love to offer variations in colour, and different sizes.