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Very odd! - 0 years ago?

I just listed this little puppy and it came up on the front page as ‘Listed about 0 years ago’ - has anyone else had this happen?

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I’ve seen that happen a few times with the newly listed slot on the front page. Must be some kind of weird occasional glitch.

Yes, I’ve seen that before too :grinning: :grinning:

It made me smile - I’ve never seen that happen before :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve seen that too and contacted Admin. It does change to minutes shortly after it shows 0 years ago.

I’ve never noticed ! I love your sweet little puppy x

Thank you. Molly is really cute. However, I don’t like making the puppies because they are really fiddly and difficult to make but they are really popular because the puppy belongs to the rag doll I make called Maisy and features in the stories I write about Maisy and Mo. I love making all of my other items but I always put off making a new Molly as long as I possibly can!